Sunday, February 27, 2011

When neglect turns to tragedy

From Project Woodhaven:

Here is the house in question -- the damage to the home was complete and total. And it was a tragedy waiting to happen as the home had been abandoned for over 15 years -- and it was being used as a hangout by teenagers. Repeated requests for assistance from the surrounding neighbors did nothing to help. We spoke to one of the neighbors today and they were extremely angry and frustrated -- they told us of the many times over the years they made complaints -- to the Police, to the Buildings Department, to the local Woodhaven Civic Organizations -- and the problem was never resolved. This is the result of neglect.

To an outsider, it's hard to tell after such a fire how much of this is damage and how much of this is lack of maintenance. But from neighbors we heard stories of rotting wood, debris, animals going in and out of the house freely -- and, of course, graffiti.

Here's where the story gets worse -- although the Fire Department managed to get the fire under control, unfortunately they weren't able to control the fire before it spread to the next house.

That's right -- the good people who tried to do the right thing -- who tended to their property and raised the alarm numerous times -- who warned everyone that this could happen -- they had to have their worst nightmare come true -- and when this abandoned piece of crap went up in flames, it destroyed the upper two floors of their own home.


Anonymous said...

The policy of this city is bulldoze and displace.

If this was a developer the taxes paid by the people on that block who think that the money will benefit their family instead will be used to benefit the developer.

There is no community preservation in this city - owner occupied housing is about as popular with the electeds as a tea party rally, and besides, with their qauality of life complaints a pain in the ass to the pols.

Anonymous said...

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

The city needs to more agressively inspect, condemn and tear down old junk buildings instead of pursuing histrionic preservation and harrassing grannies with boarders.

Queens Crapper said...

I have no idea what "histrionic preservation" is and I don't think you do either despite posting this crap on 2 different posts.

Anonymous said...

I think a good solution to histrionic preservation is to burn this shit ASAP when the problem develops. Problem solved.

georgetheatheist said...

I think the correspondent means "hysterical" preservation.

Anonymous said...

When I read of houses like this, I wonder, why the owner didn't keep dropping the asking price until he or she found a buyer.

Anonymous said...

When I read of houses like this, I wonder, why the owner didn't keep dropping the asking price until he or she found a buyer.

A. Because the owner never put it on the market.

B. The owner is metally ill.

C. The owner has tax issues.

D. The owner applied for Medicaid and lied on the application.

Pick one or more than one.

Anonymous said...

Bloombitch has MORE blood on his hands.