Monday, February 14, 2011

State rescues failing hospital - in Brooklyn

From NY1:

As first reported by NY1 on Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration says the plan to save Long Island College Hospital will move forward with state grant money.

The deal calls for merging the hospital, located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, with SUNY Downstate.

Long Island College Hospital appeared to be in jeopardy earlier this week when the state decided to review the $62 million grant needed for the merger.

However, sources say after a meeting with elected officials Friday night in Manhattan, a deal was reached to keep the grant in place.

That allows about 2,500 workers to keep their jobs.

In a statement, Cuomo said he made the decision to go ahead with the grant, despite former Governor David Paterson's concerns.

Cuomo also said he consulted with local community and elected officials.

The merger is the first time in state history that a private medical center will be run by a public one.


Anonymous said...

long island collage is much needed in the area because it is the first place persons in car crashes from the bqe are sent and it is a very needed hospital in down town brooklyn hell long island collage hospital save my life twice when I lived on 1st place and henery place
if not for that hospital I would not be here to day and I know long island hospital have save many crash people from the bqe

Anonymous said...

No more hospitals in NYC can afford to be shut down at the expense of it's citizens that it serves. Where are they to go in an emergency, New Jersey come on?

Bravo to Gov. C good move.

Anonymous said...

No literally DROP DEAD

Anonymous said...

a very nice guy was born in the LONG ISLAND COLLEGE hospital ,many moon ago. ME

Anonymous said...

They do excellent work there; especially in the TBI/Stroke unit. My fmaily was treated by kindness and compassion by eveyone in that unit. It would be ashame to see it close. Much needed for all they do.