Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inconsiderate business owners

Letter to the Editor (Queens Chronicle):

As a lifelong Queens resident, I feel like my community is being invaded by people who are not looking to be part of a neighborhood by displaying signs in their language. These signs now run all the way down Northern Boulevard into Great Neck.

I and most of my friends and neighbors feel their message is hostile and not welcoming to our business. Let’s be honest: Who would go into a store that is has a blocked-off window and no English in sight? They do not want our business, and are not willing to learn English. Why some people leave their country to come here, just to keep themselves separate, I cannot understand.

I doubt change will ever come from a government agency; it’s not politically correct. Gone are the days when immigrants made an effort. Now we must make the effort to learn how many languages? I will keep my money for store owners who work to get my business. Good luck, 20 years and still nothing has been done. Shameful indeed.

Barbara Smith

And then there's the great supermarket debate.


Joe said...

Yep, all the way to Great Neck now. These Asians are F_ck*ng us good. They also walk their little white dogs and let them pee anywhere on the sidewalk including doorsteps.
They tell you "FU My dog bring good luck"
Little Neck is totally gone brings people good luck and

Anonymous said...

Like all other immigrant groups, they can't wait to go back to "my country". But first, they work hard here and act as clannish as possible. Then they take their admittedly hard-earned money and go elsewhere....preferably further east, to, say, Jericho, in Nassau County.

Joe said...

Nassau County YEP NO SHIT !!

They already been eying Manhasset.
A real estate whore looking for a commission showed a 100 year old Dutch Colonial house behind my back yard to some Asians.
The 92 year old owner was upset (she knew what was going on) it wasn't what she wanted.
Vans packed with Asian men and woman kept pulling up, they immediately started looking up at all the the maple and Locust trees and measuring the property. 4 out of 5 prospects were Asian, all did EXACTLY the same thing including never stepping into the house.

I found agents home address in Munsey Park and told her "nice place and dog, very peaceful here" and to do the right thing.
That stopped the BS right in its tracks, a wall street couple with a toddler bought the house.
They love it, put a new roof and fixed it all up...nice people no problems.

I thought Iranian Jewish were bad but at this point I don't know whose worse Bukrah or Asian clans.

There aren't ANY of these people in the republican stronghold of Southold BTW. Nobody wants them.

Anonymous said...

The last white bastion is near the tipping point.....


Anonymous said...

Joe said...There aren't ANY of these people in the republican stronghold of Southold BTW. Nobody wants them.

It's not a matter of who "wants them" -they just haven't gotten out that far ..yet.

Be patient....and learn to use chopsticks!

Anonymous said...

The amount of racism on this blog is ridiculous. I guess it's ok to use Asians as labor wedges against the blacks to build this country but the moment immigrants earn wealh without the help of the white man there is a problem? Notice how the only ones complaining are the non Asians in these neighborhoods. Asians have better things to do then complain about signage of a business. Especially when Asian Americans receive less then 1% of government funding due to our self sufficiency. Let me know when you ever achieved anything in your own without the favoritism of being white in America. Just know that I'd Asians wanted to kick you out we are well within the means to do so. Both financially and physically.

Anonymous said...

I hope you never visit an Asian country with that attitude. The people there will question your disgusting American habits such as ordering tremendous amounts of fatty foods and walking around in tight white pants that show off your clearly neglected body. Can this person also have the most generic name in America as well? Why is this blog even featured on a CNN iPhone app.

Anonymous said...

Queens was lost to them starting in the early 80's..you guys are waking up now and talking about it?

Once again you can thank the immigration act of 1965 and you can thank your local officials for allowing illegals and 9 to a room to fester for decades..will the last american out of queens please take the flag.

Queens Crapper said...

"Notice how the only ones complaining are the non Asians in these neighborhoods."

That's because the Asians can read the signs. Hellooooo?

Do you not realize that being exclusionary is considered to be unAmerican these days?

non asian Quens resident said...

Barbara Smith and her ilk commenting here are stupid hateful people.

And Queens Crapper "Asians" is a big category that encompasses many different people and their languages. Not all Koreans read Chinese or Vietnamese, and Chinese do not necessarily read Korean.

Why don't you all learn to teach English as a Second Language so you will get to know your neighbors and how hard they are working to become Americans.

Anonymous said...

No one told you to come here from pussy-whipped Europe.

Anonymous said...

No one commenting here came here from Europe. We were born here. I know that's not considered important anymore. Not when you can come here, milk the cow until it keels over and send all the money to another country and then move back to where you really care about.

Queens Crapper said...

"Not all Koreans read Chinese or Vietnamese, and Chinese do not necessarily read Korean."

But they are all guilty of excluding Americans who read English. We welcome all people with open arms and they isolate themselves. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all learn to teach English as a Second Language so you will get to know your neighbors and how hard they are working to become Americans.

ESL classes are free at the library, and all the libraries in the Frushing area cater to Asians. Go to the library, learn some Engrish and assimilate.

Crappy, are there laws on the books that store signage must have english on them? I know places in Westchester have these laws.

Speaking of libraries, the Queens library budget has been slashed so much, they should get rid of all the "special collections" of non-english books and movies to force these non-english speakers to learn to deal.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Don't go in; spend your money elsewhere. I don't understand the problem. You just don't like the look of them, right? They probably feel similarly.

Anonymous said...

When you open a business in a community, you are choosing to become part of that community. Excluding certain people from participation in your business is not friendly to the community and not very good business practice, either. These non-English businesses also often are centers of illegal activity. When most of the outside world is shut out, it's easier to conduct shady activity.

Anonymous said...

who cares?!?! its all over now folks! that damn immigration act of 1965 ruined everything!?!? and these people that are coming over are soooo ugly, YUCK!!! ugh..at least the Koreans are upwardly mobile but these Chinese are such farm people and they have horrible teeth!!! nuke Flushing now before its too late, run for your lives!!

Anonymous said...

And you thought they were here to assimilate and become Americans.

Queens is their address and China, Korea, or Mexico is their home. You are the one being assimilated, not them.

Anonymous said...

This is why there is a backlash to ALL immigrants.Come here to be AMERICANS or leave!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger said...

It's a free country.

Anonymous said...

Roger said...
It's a free country.

Free country? I guess you don't pay bills or taxes...MORON!

Roger...over and out!

NY'er said...

I bet they can read "Twenty Dollars"
I was at a chinese supermarket and a woman accidently tried to pay with a chinese coin and the cashier said "this money no good, chinese" I said "hey everything in this store is chinese, except the money. Dont worry lady in couple of years we all will be using chinese money"

Anonymous said...

Ironic how a queens loving site, a place known for diversity, has so many racist people on the blog. All I see are bitter angry people who havent been able to move out with the rest of the "elite white". People bring up "shady" activity, what, there wasn't a mafia when italians and jews were also the immigrants back in the days doing shady activity?

Anonymous said...

It's actually a massage parlor with a restaurant facade. A happy ending is $15.95.

Anonymous said...

Italians and Jews generally weren't masking whorehouses. And we didn't move because we like it here and would like to see it stay livable. How funny that you revealed your plan to milk the cow until it keels over and then move the hell out. Why shit where you eat, right?

Anonymous said...

Say all these signs were in English. Then what? Would you go into a Chinese shop and buy a skinned duck or jellyfish to bring home?

Somehow I doubt that.

It certainly does isolate, but from a business perspective, it makes absolutely no sense to cater to English-only speakers. There is no American market for Chinese goods, so there is little to no incentive to learn English. None of you would give up Whole Foods or Fairway for Hong Kong supermarket.

Learning a language, even putting up English signs, can be both a luxury and an inconvenience. Many immigrants are not able to devote extra time to such endeavors, between working long hours (sometimes several jobs) and taking care of the family.

You can argue that your ancestors learned English when they arrived here, but keep in mind that there were probably no enclaves for them at the time. The Asian enclaves present in this city are especially enticing for the newly arrived. It is not as simple as "they refuse to learn the language." Any half-witted entrepreneur can understand that s single-language business will exclude certain people, cutting into profits. This is a systematic problem, not a cultural one.

In Jackson Heights, a predominately Indian neighborhood, nearly all of the signs are in English. Though, I doubt anyone will buy a saree unless an Indian friend of theirs will be getting married.

Queens Crapper said...

Well it's funny but all the hipster blogs out there rave about finding "authentic cuisine". Just look at the ones that are lamenting the loss of the mall on Main Street. Northern Blvd is a main road through towns that still have large English speaking populations and there is no reason that the signs are not in English, for safety's sake alone.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the restaurants. What about the giant verizon/android billboards entirely in Korean near the Broadway RR station.

Auntie Invasion said...

Barbara, let me break this to you very gently. This Korean place doesn't want your business unless maybe you are a lesbian. The windows are covered? It's a ho house with sex trafficked young girls from all over Asia, not just Korea. Very PC, very pro Asian? Not. The madam is probably a young aggressive Korean woman who pays big protection money to cops, inspectors and politicians to stay in business.
Has anyone ever done a study on the connection between prostitution, sex trafficking and real estate in Queens county?
What's the address? Would like to find out who owns this building.
I really like the thatched roof effect, the Korean Inn look to the place. real corny.

Queens Crapper said...

That photo isn't from Barbara, I screenshotted that from Google Street View. Just a random example along Northern Blvd.

Silvio Berlusconi said...

"Italians and Jews generally weren't masking whorehouses."

Count me out.

Kwee Zeen said...

Where can I get live octopi these days?

Anonymous said...

get ready people cuz China is taking over!!! I'm moving to South America, get me outta here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Roger said...
It's a free country.

As in corporate-owned freedom of speech free?


Anyone up for Roger Rabbit stew? It's FREE!!!

Anonymous said...

Q.C. nailed it.. Northern blvd. is the main road through
english speaking towns that are loaded with asian language SIGNS.

google: PROPERTY SHARK and enter an address in n.east queens. it will give the ratio of asian to caucasian

for example 11358, auburndale/flushing is 65 % caucasian,15% asian and 20% other....

recently ,my block has had young caucasian families buying and renting dwellings, in Bayside.

a new trend possibly ?plus ,many adult young people are moving back to the family home ,because of the 9.5 % to 17 % obama /liberal unemployment failure in n.y.c., for the past 24 months.

Anonymous said...

Ironic how a queens loving site, a place known for diversity, has so many racist people on the blog. All I see are bitter angry people who havent been able to move out with the rest of the "elite white". People bring up "shady" activity, what, there wasn't a mafia when italians and jews were also the immigrants back in the days doing shady activity?
It's in human nature to hate. It's in human nature to be evil. It's in human nature to find a scape goat. Examples of these targeted groups are black, jews,asians, gays and yes even white people were labeled to be barbarians by the ancient Romans b/c they had blues eyes and blond hair.

AND HEY ALL YOU OUT HERE TRASHING THE ASIANS. SINCE ASIANS DON'T "SPEAK" ENGLISH, THEN WHENEVER YOU SEE AN ASIAN SHOUT OUT, "I HATE THE CHINESE". Let's see what will happen...AND YES ALL ASIANS EVENTUALLY MOVE BACK TO CHINA. I'm moving to Hong Kong in 4 more years even though I was born here in the US! ANd that city is more modern and efficient from transit systems to healthcare. Can't wait to leave this country. And tell your horny white brothers and sisters to get out of HK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Close this post...It's getting too heated....

Pepe La Choy said...

Can't wait to leave this country. And tell your horny white brothers and sisters to get out of HK!!!!!!!


Close this post...It's getting too heated....


Ooh. Someone's got their panties in a twist. I think we found the chink in their armor!

Anonymous said...


Neo said...

Queens Crapper said...
"Not all Koreans read Chinese or Vietnamese, and Chinese do not necessarily read Korean."

But they are all guilty of excluding Americans who read English. We welcome all people with open arms and they isolate themselves. Why is that?
As an Asian, I remember going to school and the white and black kids used to say to me. "Ping, wang ching chong" or "How do asian parents name their kids? by throwing pans on the floor?"
I'm sorry but if that's an invitation for me (with "open arms") to be friendly, then I don't know what being welcoming is. It's no wonder I avoid other non-asians. If you don't want me then fine, I'll stay within my own social group. This same anti-asian mentality applies even now. You might accept others with open arms but does everybody else? Did you ever think of that?

Anonymous said...

When Dutch owned FLushing, they also owned Taiwan

Queens Crapper said...

I'm talking about this country welcoming people from different countries, not individual encounters with mean high school kids. They pick on everyone.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah, leave Queens & NYC now while you still can, it is FINISHED!!!

Anonymous said...

They no like Gwailo.

Anonymous said...

People are "picking on Asians" because that's the subject of the article. If the signs were in Portuguese, or Russian, or Swedish and had no English on them, and were found in neighborhoods that excluded people that weren't just like them, I assure you the complaints would be the same.

This is just another grand example of why the US needs to legislate English as the official language. You'd still be free to speak what you want, but it cuts out exclusionary tactics like these signs, and eliminates the opportunity for someone to claim bias.

Anonymous said...

"a new trend possibly ?plus ,many adult young people are moving back to the family home ,because of the 9.5 % to 17 % obama /liberal unemployment failure in n.y.c., for the past 24 months.'

That would be the -Bush- recession brought on by republican malfeasance.

But, don't let facts disturb your senile fantasies.

Anonymous said...

I am Asian and I am disgusted with the lack of courtesy other Asians have when it comes to signage about these businesses.

Its forbidding to others that live in the neighborhood that may want to know what the business is all about. Its actually embarrassing to me.

Perhaps, if businesses can post in English and whatever language it may ease tensions.
Until then I will keep having to play translator to my non Asian friends.

ex.gov. a.schwarzenegger said...

"Ping, wang ching chong"? Zat's vat I alvays say. I could not akree more. Hahr-hahr.

Anonymous said...

whenever i say good morning to my asian neighbors they just look at me like they don't understand what i'm saying...it's awkward

can anyone recommend a good chinese or korean joint in flushing that won't spit in my food?

Anonymous said...

one thing i don't understand about these signs that aren't in english is that, if you are a business person, why would you take a chance on alienating 50% of your potential clientele?

seems dumb to me

Anonymous said...

Stop the hate! I am one of those immigrants you are all bashing. First of all, English is not the official language. And, besides, the primary focus of any small business should be to thrive and survive by any (legal) means necessary. (I should know, seeing as how I am a second-year at the School of Management @ Yale.) Why should they try to please their community when its members have acted so unkindly?

Joe said...

I think these Asian markets and businesses alienate Americans because they are afraid of getting busted for many different reasons.

Those markets sell DVDs, food items that are bootleg, or contraband in this country.
I have bought fireworks, $30 Rolex's and seen all types of "strange things" in jars they call medicine.
Cooked rodents, starfish, blowfish, whale and seal eyeballs.
Even more spooky is there is usually a man in some corner watching the women workers who always seem very frightened.
All the staff must be slaves, illegal or working under some kind of blackmail or ransom.

That's my opinion of whats going on inside most these businesses.

Joe said...

Tell your people to stop knocking down our buildings, trees and destroying our neighborhoods.
It fix 1/2 the problem

Anonymous said...

Tell them also to stop saying "massagee, massagee, young girl" everytime I go to Main Street. Had one of them follow a friend and I for haft a block the other day. Have them stop cutting all trees they get a chance to cut. I don't understand this apparent hatred towards greenery. Also , it would go a long way towards making things better If they would stop clearing their throat and spitting as we pass by. Makes one feel as If they are spitting on us. I actually like Korean food(no live octopus) , and so do many of my friends. It would be beneficial to all if menus are in English. I have gone to restaurants where I have to ask what each item on the menu is. Even though they were very polite, it would save time If I could read it myself. If China would stop selling toys containing lead to our children, this would help smooth over relations here. Many of the stores along Main Street most likely sell them.
I do not hate Asians, I just hate that some make me feel unwelcome in my own neighborhood, that I have spent all my life in. Overall, the main problem is that many, not all, act more like colonists than immigrants.

Anonymous said...

The Koreans have targeted Northern Boulevard east now that the Chinese have driven them out of downtown Flushing.

Uh...and "good luck" to you Ms. Smith.

You Baysiders have had your heads up your asses for at least 25 years.

That's when us Flushingites first warned you about the horde that would be sweeping through your "wonderfully peaceful" nabe if you didn't get involved early enough to help us stop the over development that was going on in Flushing.

I believe your replies to us then were:

"Bayside will never be Flushing-ized".

Yeah...right. Now enjoy your Kim Chee folks!

Anonymous said...

Just thank Gary Ackerman and his Congressional Asia committee.

If you want a great "bravo Julliet" from a "hot" Asian girl (or boy depending on your preference) contact Michael Nussbaum...or peruse the Tribune's whore ad pages.

Anonymous said...

The code should address this with all store names and signs should be written in the English language.

There should also be a uniform signage so that a store front doesn't have a zillion signs in the window etc, with awnings all the same on a block.

I don't care who or what owns the store, as long as I can read who they are and what they offer and give public access if they are a retailer.

georgetheatheist said...

Why not go into these mystery palaces and order a coffee to go?

Ben Cartwright said...

"Hop Sing, my noodles are too cold."

Anonymous said...

"I don't care who or what owns the store, as long as I can read who they are and what they offer and give public access if they are a retailer."
Right, because the entire world revolves around YOU.

"There should also be a uniform signage so that a store front doesn't have a zillion signs in the window etc, with awnings all the same on a block."
Perhaps you would be more comfortable living in a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

I'm Asian and I grew up in Flushing, born in NYC. I remember Flushing being a crack den and the stores would close up at 6:00 pm. Now it's definitely more safe. Yes, some of the new Asian immigrants are rude and disgusting (like my neighbor next door to me). And then, I have my racist Greek neighbor across the street from me cursing out all Asians in the street (he's a school teacher for NYC public school system). I grew up being picked on and were in fights with the blacks and Irish in Fresh Meadows. There were fights (Whites against Asians) in high school (there were very few Asians in Queens during that time). The Whites involved were always the dumb ones in the class and were bullies. I don't like the signs in their own language either since I don't read their language but I'm willing to walk in to their establishments and they've been very welcoming. I've traveled to Europe and have been treated like crap in London, Italy, and Spain purely because I was Asian. Remember racism is because the people are uneducated and usually poor and jealous. Even though I was treated poorly by my neighbors and as a tourist doesn't mean all people are bad. I still love to travel through Europe, and visit all establishments. The Asians moving out to Manhasset want a better life for themselves and their children too just like every other immigrant who comes to America. They're able to look into Manhasset because they have worked hard and saved enough money to do so. So please open your eyes and understand that this is the cycle that occurs whenever a new group of immigrant comes to an area. Oh by the way for the whites out there, Asians were blocked immigrating to America by racist fearful people in government for decades, that's why there was so little Asians in the area when you were growing up. You could've been the minority.

Joe said...

"The Asians moving out to Manhasset want a better life for themselves and their children too"

Bulldust !
Most these new Asians go to Manhasset looking to speculate on many of the old real estate property's just like some other groups with spare cash.
They pool their money together then go to some seedy builder and lawyer to play the paperwork and storyline.

The typical plan is to buy an old colonial from a dieing 90 old woman to knock it down and replace it with 3 shit-boxes with 50 people living in them. No driveway, garages or parking all named Lee so they can pretend.
WELL FAT CHANCE since 95% of Manhasset is 5 unincorporated towns with no sewers and strict zoning. Unless they find a residential lot on Norther Blvd (zero) They CANT put up 3 shitboxes requiring 6+ 5 ring cesspools on a 80 X 120 lot.
Not even if the neighbors and all local township Zog signed the papers.
Its the same way in old Roslyn and villiage

Builders and inspectors that take bribes now end up in handcuffs.
2 town employees are still in jail and the feds are still watching everybody. The party's over

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, if you only go to restaurants with English menu, then there are not that many choices other than McDonald's.

Wonder how many "Native" American here dare go to a really classy French restaurant asking for a English menu?

Anonymous said...

Deport every immigrant that came to NYC after 1980.


Anonymous said...

Deport every immigrant that came to NYC after 1980.


Anonymous said...

I went to a restaurant in Flushing, on Main Street, and I couldn't believe it! I actually heard the waiter say "Me Chinese, me play joke, me make pee pee in your Coke!"

Anonymous said...

White people are the most self-entitled people in the world.

Anonymous said...

all of you might remember that it was my generation of American military who went to the Korean peninsula from 1950-1953, to insure freedom for the South Korean citizens.

they were invaded by the Communist N.Koreans,Communist Chinese, and U.S.S.R Communist pilots ,flying Russian built MIGS(planes).

you young asians,(especially of Korean ethnicity) should remember to salute these senior citizens still living in the Queens County.

37,000 American military died to give your families freedom. do not ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

So now you have Asian sex trade whore houses, organ harvesting rings, Chinese extortion gangs, unsanitary foodstuffs being sold, illegal gambling dens, counterfeit goods emporiums!

Shall I go on?

By the way...the proliferation of "crack dens" that you speak of DID NOT exist in Flushing.

Try Corona maybe.

So tell us...where are the real "improvements" that the Taiwanese brought to Floo-shing...Tommy Huang?

Next time you want to jerk us off with lies put on some gloves first.

Anonymous said...

Uh...read up folks!

There has been a New York State law on the books since about 1906 THAT REQUIRES the use of English ON ALL SIGNS as well.

It's a public safety issue.

But, as the saying goes, "The mountains are high and the emperor is far away".


Taiwanese/Chinese do what they want here...knowing that the local pols, police, etc. (out of "political correctness") won't notice or enforce their habitual lawbreaking.

You see...Flushing's "town fathers" don't want to "offend the Asians" because their "investment" money will take flight along with campaign contributions to the Staviskys and their kind....eh Evan?

Since Donald Manes first took all the money that was intended to be spent in Flushing and had it re-routed to his home town Jamaica...Flushing had to look to Taiwan to support itself with foreign money.

That's why we continue to sell out out our local control over development...eh CB#7...to the likes of Wellington Chen's TDC?

Uh, Donald...Jamaica looks like shit anyway despite the money you stole that went there....but still a lot better than you're looking.

Anonymous said...

What is Myra Baird Herce (an old Manes days hang-on) getting out of all this?

Is the organization that she's representing...Flushing Chamber of Commerce/Bussiness Ass'n. (whatever) more or less an on-paper powerless group?

Does she draw a salary from it?

How much...anyone out there know?

Anonymous said...

You've got more than a few "rotten apples" here honey!

It's Taiwanese wholesale corruption we're talking about here in Flushing...aided by local pols, CB#7 and Congressman Ackerman.

Now go sell your fish heads to somebody else!

The Chinese seem to have a 5,000 year history of perfecting the fine art of f-----g over their own kind.

Let's begin and end our story with the human rights issues that plague China!

Life is still cheap in the Orient and heavily discounted in Flushing!

Anonymous said...


We don't need any community boards.

They drain city money for a purely advisory role.

Hold town meetings instead under the auspices of your council member.

Take away the backroom privileges from all the Chucks & Genes all over the city.

Flushing looks like crap under the watch of CB#7!

Ooops...did I say watch?

They're always looking the other way when it comes to stopping over-development....and that's the bottom line!

Somebody's gotta be making a buck off all this at CB#7.

Anonymous said...

There were crack dens in Flushing but I guess that person was oblivious to it because they didn't walk near the projects in Flushing, near the LIRR station or walk along the area closer to College Point Blvd. At one time, you wouldn't dream of walking there or you would be mugged, raped, or killed. Now there's the internet and people are actually informed about certain situations, many people believe these are new events. Well, they're not!!! This has been happening since the beginning of time (whore houses, extortion, illegal goods). Body parts harvesting? Well I believe there's a white guy and his cronies who are in trouble for that in the news too. Unsanitary food? You've got to be kidding me. I guess you've never seen the back of a restaurant before. Ask the ConEd guys who have to read the meter to some of the finest restaurants and they'll tell you which restaurants have rats running over their steaks. The only time I've ever been seriously sick is from the Marriot hotel in Long Island who served me food that gave me E.coli poisoning. As for over building, I agree we shouldn't allow them to build multifamily housing if a one family is ripped apart. There are no more room in the schools to house the extra children. But in my neighborhood, it's mostly the Italians and Greeks building these crazy multifamily homes. But I disagree with the comment that all the Asians come in just looking at the property to rip apart. My friend is Asian and he and his wife are physicians looking for a place in Manhasset to raise their kids. I guess they won't be welcome. And the guy who said their generation served in the Korean war. Many Asians served in that war too for America. But I guess they won't be remembered or recognized for their dedication to America either. Please check with the American Legion on Canal Street if you don't believe me. They're proud Americans. I have one suggestion to people who are angry, take several history classes (World and American) and understand that this is a cycle. And if you are afraid of these new immigrants, please look up the NYS registry of sex offenders in your neighborhood and see what kind of people you really live with.

Joe said...

looking for a place in Manhasset to raise their kids.

"Kids" is the key word here:
How many kids and who's kids ?
3 people were caught bordering and day caring other peoples and extended family's kids.
They had 1 kid and were being paid to register more as their own and do daycare to pay for the mortgage.
And guess what ?
All 3 were Asian doctors (pediatricians) from Flushing.

They were caught because in all three cases 10+ people living in the house kept overflowing the cesspool sending raw sewage across lawns and down the street every 15 days.
This pissed off people and constantly required pumping that is taxed and reported to Town N Hempstead.

Put 6+ kids in the school system with my tax dollar then list the house (destroyed by then) for sale as a "knockdown" on graduation day.

-If an honest Asian family wants to move to Manhasset no problem.
But to those wise asses looking to "getover" the jigs been up for quite a wile. BS is no longer tolerated due to the soaring $5,500 a year school taxes.
Powerful people like Bill O'Reilly who pay big tax $$ are FUMING, you wont get away with fraud and BS like in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Joe, what you say is correct. If they are scamming the system, they shouldn't be allowed to do that. But you can't generalize that all Asians are doing this. What you did by telling a real estate agent "to do the right thing" (my interpretation is that you hinted to her that no Asians should be allowed to buy the place) by intimidating her by finding her home at Munsey Park is illegal. YOU just broke the law. What you did is more heinous to me than a family trying to send their kids to a better school. I think they did things like that in the South when blacks were moving into the "White" areas. Don't repeat history.

Anonymous said...

Joe, are you the same Joe L. musician-engineer that posted racist things on another website? The writings/subject are the same.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at http://www.saeusa.org/ the Greeks don't view themselves as immigrant citizens but expatriate diaspora colonists. And they use the term omogenia to describe themselves. Yes, dear nazis, it means homogeneity. Why didn't anyone complain about the thrice older Whitestone Epworth being torn down?

Anonymous said...

re :the korean peninsula invasion by COMMUNISTS in 1950.

many nations with allied security pacts with S.korea came to the citizens aid.eg. australia,turkey, england etc etc.. it was not a totally U.S. vs. Communist nations war. check wikipedia,

btw " in south carolina the population of whites and negroes owned,rented property, and lived side by side, for many decades in the charleston area.

i was there.

Anonymous said...

i was there.

Begs the question:
Why did you have to come back?

-Joe said...

Musician-engineer ?
No---Exterminator, Elvis Impersonator and Astronaut.
I moonlight strangling chickens for the Colonel .


ex.gov.a.schwarzenegger said...

Tcho, you're mein kind uf guy. Hahr-hahr.