Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bloomberg's education statistics are damned lies

From the Wonkster:

For those of you who missed it over the holiday weekend, Sunday’s Post featured an illuminating look at how New York State dumbed down its standardized tests. Among other things she zeroes in on the time frame — 2007 to 2009 — details the extent of the changes that turned New York Sate into an academic Lake Woebegone and traces the changes back to then state education commissioner Richard Mills.

For example, Edelman finds that in 2006 sixth grader had to correctly answer 16 of 39 question to get a level two (out of a possible four) — the lowest level need to get promoted in New York City. By 2009, the students only had to get 7 questions right.

Edelman makes it clear that the test results provided a major boon to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who used the scores to good advantage in his narrow 2009 re-election victory.


Mayor Mike said...

1 + 1 = 3

You gotta problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Dumb and is how he wants the next generation of New Yorkers.
Easier to control cheat and steal from people that way.

Anonymous said...

Best damn test scores monet can buy, huh? Who knew?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Cooked books.

fonso said...

The mayor is doing great things. Soon all the archie bonkers will die off and everybody in queens be equal to get apartment and pass test for job!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Dumb and is how he wants the next generation of New Yorkers.
Easier to control cheat and steal from people that way."

That's exactly what has been happening. You should see the curricula that's been forced down everyone's throat. A "balanced literacy" curriculum that encourages teachers to NEVER EVER correct spelling, grammar errors. And a math curriculum that teaches multiple methods of solving math problems confusing the crap of these poor kids. It also teaches kids to have a heavy dependence on calculators.
You cannot begin to imagine how behind kids are.

All by design, so they can't compete for better jobs and are too dumb to realize that they will vote for people that will screw them worse than we're being screwed now.

Anonymous said...

Education mayor my a**! This is the genesis of those Bermuda trips,to discreetly check the status of the kickbacks wired into his offshore accounts from the publishers who produce the tests,interim evaluations,textbooks, practice materials, etc. which got him his "$1 a year" job for which he spent how much to obtain. Perhaps it was a " loss leader"

Deke DaSilva said...

You cannot begin to imagine how behind kids are.

Believe me, I know already, I ride the subways and walk the streets. I look around and observe young people and how they act. You don't have to be a teacher to know these things.

If we were to have a private conversation, I'm sure that you would say MANY politically incorrect things about your personal observations of students and group differences.

But I have no desire to get you in trouble, so don't go there!

20th Century Guy said...

I'm giving Bloomturd the finger. Does that mean I'm finally going digital?

Anonymous said...

if the pupils cannot or do not want to learn math and language arts, they can not be force fed.

one person is not at fault for this . it is a system failure.

Anonymous said...

It's true many students have zero interest in education due to various factors. But how can we expect students to succeed if we are not providing a sound and research-based curriculum from the start?

It's important to at least teach the content and then it's up to the students and/or their families what they want to do with it.

But what happens when students aren't even being taught anything in the first place? Because of the DOE mandated curricula, much of the school day is spent working with groups with students learning from other students. The teacher is now called a "facilitator" monitoring the cooperative learning and almost forbidden to lecture or even correct any mistakes.

And yet, teachers are held "accountable" for learning. I think teachers will accept be held accountable when they have autonomy over what they teach.

Anonymous said...

are you not paying u.f.t. union dues ? does not your money give you the right to demand the changes in policy in YOUR system?

are you in fear of taking a stand with your UNION COMRADES?

Liddle Laud Fauntleroy said...

I tink Blomburg is doing a great job at edjucatin us kidz. My mathe and speling hav nevah bin betta! Watt's all da fuss abowt? Chancellor Blech luvs kidz allso tooo. I like havinn 50 of my close frendz in da clasrume wid me!!! Sew dere! Aneeone sez diferrent is a lier!!!

Joe said...

Queens teacher:
Why do you keep this stinking job and allow yourself to be a BBQ skewer for one of the most a corrupt political systems on the planet?

My mother was a 3rd grade teacher in Brooklyn 1970--1972.
Its was a filthy corrupt sinking ship then I cant imagine now with over 1/2 enrolled kids being feral of garbage parent's (usually single mother) fence jumper uneducated in there native language let alone English.
I seen and heard plenty.
Why be baby sitter for NYCs population of cash brats --that is till you get shot or stabbed ---its a matter of time.

I don't understand these NYC school teachers. They must be into M&M's, whips, chains and really love abuse.
Better off working for Ringling Brothers or the mob...better take home pay and less aggravation.

Anonymous said...


Interesting analysis of the kids in our schools. I don't know that I would have put it that way.

Why do I stay in education? I have a master's degree in education and many years experience and I'm even pursuing another degree in education right now. What do you propose I do instead?

Working for the circus would be better? We must be into chains & whips? I don't think so Joe. That's more for musicians. Or so they say.


A Edjucater said...

I tink Blomburg is doing a great job at edjucatin us kidz. My mathe and speling hav nevah bin betta! Watt's all da fuss abowt? Chancellor Blech luvs kidz allso tooo. I like havinn 50 of my close frendz in da clasrume wid me!!! Sew dere! Aneeone sez diferrent is a lier!!!


Very good! B+

Cherokeesista said...

As a parent I sometimes feel hopeless my 11 year old has told me for years that those test are to easy ;-( He's bored to death at school ;-( He maintains a 4 on everything but they complain constantly that he ask to many questions ;-( WTF that's what he's suppose to do ;-) I wish I could afford to send him to one of those Fancy Bloomturd Schools ;-) but that's not in the cards for us so we do whatever it takes at home to educate him ;-) God help our children ;-)

Anonymous said...


Drop me an email. We'll talk.

Joe said...

Another degree in education ?
Oh and let me guess who teaches these classes Beantown & Berkley lib professor's right ? (one being the same craphole the Mayor and the Kennedys came from)

Its waste of time IMO.
I'd teach someplace else or get out wile you can and invest in a pawn shop, beanary, rice processing or small bio-fuel plant.
Because that is what people are gonna need to survive in the outer boroughs. A good 85% of these feral kids your trying to teach are going to end up pregnant, on welfare, jail or with minimum wage jobs at best.

The mayor and his buddies Ratner and Walmart etc want a cheap dumb labor pool and voting base that does everything its told and asks no questions.
Educated people who dare challenge the Mayor are the #1 enemy to his grand vision of things.
This pricks worse the Robert Moses.

Id say its working out for him, look how many nimrods re-elected him and all the other incumbents with almost 90% the vote.
Bloomberg was always about running the city like an imperialist corporation with its peasant slaves and pee-ones (Queens) to be kept at the bottom.
His Domino's are almost all set up ready for the final flick.

Anonymous said...

the ny state commissioner of education was forced to resign over the regents testing scam.

why have the ny state legislators not fired the board of regents? they elect them . the regents knew of this scam.

and why are the regents exam teachers ,who mark the exams, still working in the system?

they all knew what was going on.

parents who took the time to monitor the d.o.e. website,should have been able to spot the jump in s.a.t. scores from 2003 to 2009. and the drop by 2010-2011.
n.y.c d.o.e. stopped using the city test scores for the easier ny state test scores. they gave a false number to the overall students progress ,third to eigth grades.

Anonymous said...


I definitely agree with you about the wanting dumb cheap labor pool. That explains the teach-nothing curricula.

It really pays to have a stupid population that votes just as stupid.

I tell you though - many people are rethinking staying in education or even entering it in the first place. I have never seen such misery in all my years teaching. People are aiming to get out as soon as they can. Teachers are on anti-depressants. Teachers have turned on one another just to survive and avoid being targeted by these principals. New teachers are not lasting more than a few years. This is not how a school building should be.

The pressure is just too much. Poor teachers & poor kids.

Joe said...

The Mayor has tests and stats rigged.
I worked on a TV show here in NY the news floor was below. I knew many of the road crew techs and field camera operators.

Any reporter or news organization that DARE ask or report on these stats would be fired, banned and blacklisted for life from just about every NYC press event by his press secretary.
No more "NYP" (New York Press)permits to operate in NYC
This can put a new's organization out of business.

News people have to jump through hoops to get a press pass to any of his conferences. Insult or upset the mayor with a question you get fired.

The stupid voters refuse to acknowledge this and believe everything they see on TV and read in the top 3 newspapers.
The news is just another TV show looking for ratings and to keep peoples hands off the remote control. They cant afford to piss off the Mayor.

Anonymous said...


The good thing is that people are relying more and more on the internet for news.

Newspapers are becoming outdated.

Wonder how many would have voted for Bloombucks today if he was running.

Joe said...

Likely higher ---90% thanks to the Daily News and all his lap dog's on the payroll.
The tower people, NY sheep and cockroaches love their little leader Mike and craphole where the Dems constantly looking for "change" outnumber the GOP 40-4.

I'm selling my house in Ridgewood F_ this. Its only gonna get worse on private hoe owners when those 1 million useless anchor baby's hit the streets.
I experienced Los Angeles its areas like S Central and San Pedro. That's gonna be all of Queens in 5-10 years

georgetheatheist said...

I'll always treasure my "Bloomberg for Mayor"-inscribed 7 compartment handy pill dispenser that was passed out during the last election at the Senior Center. The Mayor is always looking out for my health.

I love you Michael Reubens Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

I always suspected that about you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...