Friday, February 25, 2011

Weiner, Ferreras not Fat Boy fans

From the Daily News:

Rep. Anthony Weiner and City Councilman [sic] Julissa Ferreras, Chair of the Women's Issues Committee, are holding a presser tomorrow to push the city to sell the controversial statue "Triumph of Civic Virtue" on Craigslist to raise funds.

I think they should be more concerned with the budget crisis, health care, eminent domain abuse, etc. rather than getting cheap publicity. But hey, since this is tweeder Queens, I expect nothing less from them. We'll see this covered extensively in every Queens weekly paper next week.


Anonymous said...

Great idea from these guys who would know a thing or two about selling themselves on Craigslist! What has this city become?

Let do the same for the statue of Liberty! I know a few middle-easterners who would love to buy it!

Anonymous said...

More of a civic virtue in hard times to fund a senior center serving real people than to fix an inanimate piece of stone.

Queens Crapper said...

Except that comes from 2 different pools of money. Fixing fat boy is capital and running senior center is expense.

Time for people to learn the difference.

Anonymous said...

I know there are bigger fish to fry, but its time queens stops getting shit on.

If this statue were in central park, i would have had 10 restoration procedures done on it by now.

We're in queens. We don't need art. we're scumbag servants.

georgetheatheist said...

Ride 'em, Cowboy! Another Civic Virtue.

Check out the white guy on a horse (T.Roosevelt) protecting the Indian and Negro.

(Museum of Natural History on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. That's the LIBERAL Upper Westside.

A true inspiration for the kiddies to see.

georgetheatheist said...

How 'bout this?

Get those savage Injuns on their knees.

DeMadrazzo painting: Christopher Columbus at the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, located in the Ricatto Ballroom of the Italian Charities of America.

That's also on Queens Boulevard. Seniors eating their City-funded lunches and line dancing under this glorious inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Christ's sake. There is so little to admire in Queens, why even bother? Most work in the city, come home to Queens to sleep. For working folk it's like a big hotel.

FlooshingRezident said...

SO...there are actually people out there thinking that all evidence of culture in Queens (and there is less of it every day!) should be sacrificed to feed a bunch of people.

So all we'll be left with is a culturally bankrupt civilization filled with people that are still hungry!

Here in Flooshing there are a lot of seniors with millions of dollars that cadge free meals at senior centers on a regular basis.

They won't spend a nickel because THEY GREW UP DURING THE DEPRESSION...blah, blah, blah!!!

I have nothing against helping people in need but a lot of them don't need it - they're the ones with the fat pensions and SS payments and medicare.

A lot of these people were in union jobs and never worked a grueling 11-hour day for 8 hours of pay at a Fortune 500 (this is blue collar Queens I'm referring to).

It's everyone else that's floundering.

Wienie said...

just replace one of the woman's heads with his-he'll be happy then

Anonymous said...

So give me a few more cops, expense not capital.

Auntie Invasion said...

I hate this anti woman statue. As a good American Suffragist it irks my sensibilities. there has been agitation for years, decades to get rid of it. time to tear it down. sell it for scrap.

if the junkyard won't take it, replace the woman's head with Bloomberg's.

Anonymous said...


Rego-Forester said...

Some art will always be controversial to some. Why lobby to sell the Civic Virtue statue to raise funds? If it is demolished or will be sold and end up in the highest bidder's backyard, then a public monument will be deprived from the countless passersby who appreciate its long-term existence and craftsmanship.

Civic Virtue was designed by Frederick William MacMonnies and sculpted by the Piccirilli Brothers, who were all prolific in their trade.

For an array of photos documenting its craftsmanship & to help save this public work, visit:

Anonymous said...

Church Congregation: [singing] Now is a time of great decision/Are we to stay or up and quit?/There's no avoiding this conclusion/Our town is turning into shit.
Reverend Johnson: Amen

Deke DaSilva said...

Julissa Ferreras, Chair of the Women's Issues Committee

Could this be the same Julissa Ferreras, who was once the chief of staff for that other champion of women's issues, Hiram Monserrate?

What a freaking joke!!!

CB7 Gene said...

I posed for that statue!

Anonymous said...

It sort of fits the theme of the statue itself: in 2011, political corruption wants to destroy the symbol of triumph of civic virtue.

I'd support this if the city zeroed-out ALL of its art collection indoor as well as outdoor. SELL IT ALL NOW!

Why pick and choose? If this is being done for one statue, do it for all them for the sake of the money.

Anonymous said...

Anthony loves cock! why the problem?

Anonymous said...

Is his Rep. Anthony Weiner, smaller than Triumph of Civic Virtue's?

Perhaps we can commission a female Civic for Julissa Ferreras to appease her preferences. She should just come out....and say so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Civic Virtue's cock is hidden under all that marble garland.

H-m-m-m....maybe Councilman Dromm can help Representative Weiner find it .

Nothing like a political threesome.

Anonymous said...

Just re-carve "fat boy's" head and have him stomping on the refashioned figures of Manes, Shulman, etc.

Then nobody has grounds to gripe.

It's really all about "burro-hall" not wanting an allegorical statue outside their hideout which only serves to remind the public that this is the seat of corruption!

Anonymous said...

I'd gladly pay for a larger than life pair of sculptures of Moby Stavisky's & Claire Shillman's butts...flanking the entrance to borough hall.

Perhaps it would serve to scare away its rats (the two-legged kinds)!

Anonymous said...

With hospital and school closings and firehouse closings and foreclosures and the John Haggerty trial, you're going to tell me that this statue is the most important issue facing Queens? OH, PLEEZE!!!

Our politicians need to drag the press into CB7 meetings, Albany closed door meetings, and to Cathie Black meetings -- PRIORITIZE!!!!

Claire Shillman said...

I'd support this if the city zeroed-out ALL of its art collection indoor as well as outdoor.

Art? I thought I heard fart. Oopsy!

Can ya pass me that book of matches. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Notice shot little Ann Jawin standing at the photo op, probably asking the pols for more handouts for her Women's Center.

Jawin can't raise enough private money so taxpayers have to pay for her center.