Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloomberg lied about eminent domain at Willets Point

"You cannot have a situation where one building owner sits there and sticks it to the whole city."

One building owner? There are about 250 businesses still in existence at Willets Point, and the City itself says there are have not been deals made with 9 property owners in the phase 1 footprint, mainly because they have not approached them to discuss the situation.

So where does he get one holdout sticking it to the whole city?

It's more like one mayor sticking it to the whole city.


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out how we have billions to put more crappy housing/ condos on Willets Point but no money for essential city services and benefits that many of these people worked for.

The whole Willets Point project is so unconstitutional it is scary. Taking one person's property to benefit a developer is wrong. I would love for these developers to find Bloomturd's block blighted and put new condos there.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg just doesn't get it.
Karma is a bitch. He is ruining so many peoples lives and justifies it by saying that it is a good thing for the city. He is nothing but a BULLY. Can't wait unitl his term is over. He has done so much damage already.
Has to be one of our worst mayors (my opinion).

Anonymous said...

"Has to be one of our worst mayors (my opinion)."

Agreed-- It will take decades to reverse just some of the damage this idiot did to the city.

Mayor Mike said...

M I N E ! ! !


M I N E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

StacyD said...

Another land grab case. Small land owners and small businesses play a vital role in our community. It's disappointing to see this continually happen. We really need to pass some meaningful eminent domain legislation that will help curb eminent domain abuse.

I hope Gerard can get a beneficial ruling for these owners. It's going to be a tough case, especially when we have judges that state "We ruled for Atlantic Yards and if we ruled in favor of a basketball arena, surely we can rule for a non-profit university" as stated by Judge Carmen Beauchamp Cipatrick in the Columbia University ruling. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Mayor Mike said...

Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.


Shmucks!!! I'm destroying the school system so your kids won't know the difference. And what they don't know can't hurt me. Ask Chancellor Black. Schools should be run like heart.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot have a situation where one building owner sits there and sticks it to the whole city."

Well, Mary Sendak would disagree with you on that if she were still alive.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Why should he be truthful here? The man has to be consistent!

Anonymous said...

this is one asshole you should not trust ,

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg, what will you say to Hitler when you meet each other in Hell?

Anonymous said...

"It's GOOD news, New Yorkers! We have $2 billion in surplus, and we'll save even more when we lay off FOR 666, oops, I mean 4666, public school teachers, especially if we can get rid of the lard-ass veterans who make $80,000 or more. It's all good - we can keep the cheap and inexperienced ones who don't know any better. Then, we'll save even more money by canceling that stupid Christmas bonus that the retired firefighers and cops get. And we'll raise class size to 75 kids in a class! But we'll carve up the big high schools and install 4 or 5 principals at $130,000 a pop - they look better than those union thugs who are 'teaching' our kids, anyway."

Yeah, New Yorkers. Screw you. -- Michael Beelzebub Bloomberg