Saturday, February 12, 2011

Motorized bikes the latest menace

From CBS 2:

They dart in and out of traffic and occasionally jump up on the sidewalks. A new breed of motorized bicycles delivering take-out food zipping around town and scaring pedestrians.

Some of the bikes almost look home-made — with batteries haphazardly strapped on. Others are as sleek and souped-up as motor scooters. But what’s surprising is that they fall into a gray zone. Hence there are no clear-cut regulations.

“Right now it’s unclear,” Community Board 8 member Jonathan Horn said, when asked if they are considered bicycles or motorized vehicles. “Drivers don’t have licenses and they don’t have motor vehicle training.”

State Sen. Liz Krueger is working on legislation up in Albany to regulate these battery-powered bikes. But she’s said the difficulty is redefining them as motor vehicles.

City Council members are having the same problem convincing others on the local level.

And despite all the bike lanes, traffic calming devices and street cafes, accidents actually increased slightly last year. But we're still one of the safest cities for pedestrians and motorists.


Erik Baard said...

A bicycle with a small motor to give a boost to a rider needing to crest a hill is legitimate. If used responsibly it can help keep seniors active and address other special needs.

But a fully motorized vehicle, especially capable of exceeding 20 miles per hour over long durations, is not a bicycle. It's an electric moped and should be regulated as such. It should be rewarded for being a green vehicle, but it should not be considered a bicycle.

All vehicles should obey the law, especially when the law is rational. But motorized vehicles, because of the greater force they bring to accidents, should be more carefully licensed and regulated. This includes e-mopeds.

Helen said...

Erik Baard ~

Enough of the "green" "rewards". Keep your regulations to yourself. "Seniors" can "Keep active" by walking, not riding. Who sent you here, Sadik Khan?

Anonymous said...

There is no question that they are illegal. These are motorized thus like electric or gas golf carts are not allowed on public roadways in NYS.

No Police authority enforces laws any more if they did stop one of these vehicules, they would most likely find an illegal (no-papers) driving it.

So now we allow the potential for a terrorist to drive!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"So now we allow the potential for a terrorist to drive!!!!!!!"

Oh right, because all terrorists are here illegally. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

"All vehicles should obey the law, especially when the law is rational."

Vehicles are inanimate objects. They can't obey the law. However, the operators of all vehicles that use the streets, MUST obey the law, even if the law is irrational.

Anonymous said...

"However, the operators of all vehicles that use the streets, MUST obey the law, even if the law is irrational."
That is incorrect. They don't HAVE to obey the law, they just have to face the consequence when they get caught breaking the law. Breaking the law is only a problem when you get caught.

Anonymous said...

if the d.o.highways does not repair the many pot holes in n.y.c. streets soon, many bikers of all vehicles will be dead or injured.i drive around the holes with my hazard lights on to alert the motorists behind me. i never drive to close, behind the one in front of my car ....

Anonymous said...

"Breaking the law is only a problem when you get caught."

I prefer to put it this way: You can't break the law, you can only break yourself against it. :)

Anonymous said...

They are mopeds and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

These unregistered motor-assisted bikes are not legal to be ridden on city streets or on public sidewalks.

Unless operated entirely inside a private space, its illegal -- and cops should and do confiscate them.

Anonymous said...

The bikes, like their operators, are illegal. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...


Those bikes allow me to get my chicken with broccoli in about 10 minutes and still hot

Anonymous said...

When the Vespa motor bike appeared, accents in Italy disappeared