Saturday, February 12, 2011

Residents love Westmoreland

From Little Neck Patch:

Bound by Northern Boulevard on the south, Little Neck Parkway on the west, the Long Island Railroad to the north and Nassau Road on the east, Westmoreland is a neighborhood straddling northeast Queens' suburban-urban divide.

Built between 1905 and 1930 on farmland purchased from Mary and Benjamin Woolley by the Rickert-Finlay Company, Westmoreland's bucolic aesthetic is written into every title and deed of the 320 homes included in the neighborhood.

The stipulations, also known as covenants, call for each homeowner to protect the trees that give Westmoreland its leafy character.

It's a look appreciated by many in the Little Neck-Douglaston area, many of whom are enamored by the rolling hills and mixed-style homes peppered throughout the area.

Still, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the streets of Westmoreland looking as rustic as they do.

“The city cannot enforce the covenants attached to the title and deeds of the Westmoreland home,” said Community Board 11 district manager Susan Seinfeld. “So the onus is on residents living in the community to enforce those rules.”


Anonymous said...

This is a sister neighborhood to beautiful Broadway/Flushing where the same Rickert-Finlay covenants apply.

The Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association has (so far) won every private lawsuit to protect the character of this lovely area.

Joe said...

Not every property
Nice old house replaced with Ugly Asian Church structure at 42ave/Westmorland
---bland brick, no trees and 2 tiny windows.

Those The Asians been buying and cutting it up, they seem to hate trees and anything wood.

Westmoreland It is nice but so many trees have been poisoned and cut down.
A Friend of mine Jeff owns Good Company Tavern where the longtime locals chat about the pulse of the neighborhood. A photo of Nixon still hangs on the wall. Drinks are made with re-fill 1950's blue bottles of Seltzer.
Word is all of Little Neck going to hell fast due to the Asian influx who see everything as "to old"
They all want 4+ family brick barracks with no garages

Anonymous said...

You ain't $hit'in about Little Neck. Wantagh here I come.

Babs said...

"Word is all of Little Neck going to hell fast due to the Asian influx who see everything as "to old"
They all want 4+ family brick barracks with no garages"

Just the Asian immigrants Joe? I don't think sooooo . . .

your goombas have torn down AS MUCH if not more over the last decade. The Greeks too - both ethnic groups seem to try and duplicate the "rock gardens" that they left behind.

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Greeks, Asians and Italianss hate trees and worship concrete!

Cut it down & pave it over!

Anonymous said...

Soon it'll be called the "Gook nook"!

Anonymous said...


The inscrutable, elusive Wellington Chen (often pictured with "granny" Claire Shulman & TDC of Willets Point & Flushing Commons infamy) lives just off the edge of Westmoreland.

He'll shit all over the downtown aea but abides in a more sedate setting.

Hey...let's build a mosque right next to Wellinton's house!

Maybe their daily calls to prayer will wake up!

Joe said...

These Asian women walk these little white dogs, two, three at a time.
These little piss machines go all over the sidewalks and trees adding to the stink of restaurant waste. Little Neck now reeks at times during summer.

To the fello who want to move to Wantagh, take another look.
Most of its become a real slum. Its loaded with black gangs and thief's especially downtown by the train station, welfare hotels, Illegals, A_hole Italian godfather wannabees and elderly complaining Jewish people.
Massapequa is till good, the real mobsters keep the bums out.