Friday, February 11, 2011

Councilpedia: It's about time

Building on the existing resources of Gotham Gazette, Councilpedia includes a wealth of information on all members of the City Council, the public advocate and the city comptroller, including their campaign donations and expenditures. We sort the contributions so you can focus on what interests you. Real estate donations to your member? Who has amassed big war chests for 2013? The public advocate's most generous supporters? It's all there — along with material on the officials' legislative record. Together this will let you connect possible dots between donors, the campaigns that they contribute to and actions taken by New York City elected officials.


Anonymous said...

donation by shu organization to peter koo is a total of $2500.00.
they are located in the same building as former cm john liu ,also a recipient of donations.

when you observe the new day care center at Francis Lewis Blvd at 42 avenue, built in the bed of the avenue, in auburndale/bayside (196-29 42 ave.) remember this money.
the center was rejected by the c.p.b.11 because of no parking ,no drop off or pick up of 250 -350 children at this site.
building size is two floors underground and two above (or more by now).

shu's own kon wah day care center at koo's office site. formerly site of john liu's cm office.

site was approved by n.y.c. planning board.

Gary the Agnostic said...

This is a very useful website. Check out all of the contributions. It's a conflict of interest festival.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to that website!

What's up with Toby Stavisky's North Flushing Senior Center? She gave 2 contributions totalling over half a million dollars and now this---

Peter Koo:

North Flushing Senior Center, Inc. 11-2741128 $15,000.00 DFTA To provide social, recreational, educational services and a kosher congregate lunch at senior center.

Dan Halloran:

North Flushing Senior Center, Inc. 11- 2741128 $13,000.00 To operate a senior center providing social, recreational and educational services to senior citizens.

Does anyone else smell a rat? Or perhaps a cash cow for the corrupt? Too bad that this is flying under the radar. A GOOD investigative reporter would have a field day!!!

Anonymous said...

from councilpedia: CM MARK WEPRIN:

$10,000 " seniors
$10,000 " seniors

(snap) services now for adult persons inc.
$50,000 " seniors
$52,750.00 " seniors

early stages program $70,000.00 ; story telling csd"s 26 &29 .

self help community svcs. $20,000. for social work (seniors)

it appears that liberals give your taxes away also. i wonder how much his brother gave away as former CM