Monday, February 28, 2011

Tree killers

From the Daily News:

More than 100 tree-haters were busted for arborcide in 2010, and the police have already issued 18 summonses this year, according to city and court records reviewed by The Post.

Incidents include a Christmas-night massacre of six saplings at the Playground of the Americas on Houston Street and a contractor who caused "major tree damage" to five honey locusts on Chambers Street earlier this month.

"Some of this is just outright abuse," said Geoffrey Croft of the watchdog group NYC Park Advocates.

Some of the worst and incidents include:

* An attack in Juniper Valley Park in Queens, where vandals removed 10 young trees and their 12 stakes last November. The trees and bike path were also sprayed with swastikas and racist graffiti in shaving cream.

* A Queens woman who stripped all the limbs off a grand Norway maple in front of her house on 156th Street last December.

A street tree costs the city $1,790 to plant, and tampering with its limbs can kill it, Croft said.


Babs said...

Please fine these people like the woman on 156th Street - it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Fine these folks - I live in Queens - what's a tree?

Father Nature said...

what's a tree?

I think they're some sort of living organisms that filter dirty air and release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere. We don't need 'em!

Anonymous said...

how many were asian?

Anonymous said...

around my way people go out of their way to do damage to trees and pave over their front gardens.

the ignorant s.o.b.'s don't want to know that trees and gardens create oxygen. besides it doesn't make money for drug dealers.

no one is getting any fines in our neighborhood, come on down and bring the summons' book.

Anonymous said...

no one is getting any fines in our neighborhood, come on down and bring the summons' book.

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

All of this Queens demolishing will go on and on until Helen Marshall gets off of her FAT ASS and DOES SOMETHING! ANYTHING to earn her salary!

Turk182 said...

How many were caucasian?