Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't touch those trees!

From SI Live:

How much are trees worth?

More than $135,000 in the case of the developer whom the city fined for removing at least six trees without permission around 2008 to construct five Shore Acres homes.

The spacious one-family houses at 35, 43, 49, 55 and 61 Shore Acres Road are situated within the Special Natural Area District, so designated to preserve unique natural characteristics, including trees, rock outcrops, steep slopes and a variety of botanic and aquatic environments.

Perched on a narrow, quiet street in the shadow of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the homes range in value from $665,000 to $947,000, according to online city Finance Department records.

A Staten Island justice recently upheld the fine against the builder, Block 3066 Inc., ruling the statute of limitations had elapsed before the company challenged the compensatory payment.


Anonymous said...

No one wants to go out on the limb to make a comment? I guess you'll leaf it alone. Apathy's the root of our problems!!! Fir sure!

Anonymous said...

That's $27k per home. Yes, it's a dent in the developers profits, but cheap enough where it could be "priced in" to the cost of the new construction.

Anonymous said...

no amount of money can replace 50-year-old trees

are they not making him replace the trees?

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate the trees were removed, but this happens all over the city, it is nothing new. A idiot builder buys a property with beautiful large trees in a back or front yard, and the first thing done is they are cut down, and the new house has not one blade of grass or tree on it.

I am happy though the company got fined though, it should have been a bigger fine.

Anonymous said...

900K for a two-family in Staten Island? My how the market rates are so over-inflated.

And unsustainable.