Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gianaris to the rescue?

From Curbed:

The Miami-sounding Casa Vizcaya in Long Island City was born during the boom and racked up some pretty impressive sales, including a $2 million penthouse. It might also be falling apart! How did we learn this? Exactly how you think: through a photo caption on the Facebook page of a state senator.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of out of state yuppies who FELL FOR IT.

Rooked by Crooks in LIC said...

Mystery man Gianaris was so helpful to Astoria, was a big friend to developers and little else.

Sure he will be there - if word gets out the most of LIC's recent construction was shoddy instant barracks on brownfields things might get a bit dicey with the developers and their friends, the politicans.

Is he better than out of touch Bricklayer Onorato (I'll be here all week, folks!) I leave to you, gentle constituents.

Ceiling on my head lady said...

"Mystery Man Gianaris" also helped reign in my devil landlord after he collapsed a ceiling onto my apartment, narrowly missing me. He was the only one who did help me, even though I grew up down the street from the Vallones and even attended classes with the present prince.

Anonymous said...

hes giggleing in picture because evan stavisky just texted him a picture of his penis