Monday, February 14, 2011

Hiram Monserrate: Father of the Year

From the Daily News:

Hiram Monserrate is so deep in debt he wants to stiff his autistic son and ex-wife on child support, the Daily News has learned.

The disgraced ex-pol - who can't even cover his legal bills - has asked Manhattan Family Court to "modify" his monthly payments to his 14-year-old kid, his former wife said.

"He's trying to use his son's child support to write off his other debts," Janet Monserrate, 40, said Wednesday. "He has no attachment to anyone; he only cares about his ego."

Monserrate, 43, pleaded poverty last month to Family Court Magistrate Karen Kolomechuk, stating that his sole income has been a $26,000 police pension since he was kicked out of the state Senate after his misdemeanor conviction for assaulting his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo.

He also claimed a bad back has kept him from finding work.

Kolomechuk initially denied the ex-cop's request. But then she agreed to consider it at a hearing this month, asking Monserrate to bring tax forms, medical proof of his injury and other paperwork in support of lowered payments.

Currently, Monserrate pays $1,100 a month in child support.

His ex-wife said if his payment modification request is granted, the new child support based on his pension would drop to about $400 a month.

"He's not looking for employment," Janet Monserrate said.

"This is a man who cares mainly about what people think. He won't work in a Home Depot, he won't work at a supermarket, he won't work two, three jobs to pay child support."


Anonymous said...

"Hiram Monserrate: Father of the Year"

That #*%#^& MOTHER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the bimbo? Thought she was gonna marry him.............yeah,right!

Anonymous said...

Three little words to describe him: Piece of Shit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well if Parkside didn't want him...

Anonymous said...

Who would hire him? Seriously, would Home Depot want him working in their store and risk him getting angry and slashing their customers?

He's physically disabled, emotionally he's been convicted of violent assault, ethically he's under indictment for massive embezzlement.

WHO would hire him to do anything at all???? Anywhere????

Anonymous said...


Sometimes the lack of intelligent life on this blog is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

yes he is an angel compared to those parkside hacks

LINDA said...

what a freaking loser! the courts should demand him to work to pay his child's not the childs fault they have a loser for a dad.. to the ex wife fight fight fight for your childs rights.

FrankiePerez said...

and its probably because of Douche Bags like him that decent, responsible hard working fathers get treated unfairly by Karen D. Kolomechuk too!!!