Monday, February 7, 2011

Could a cheap facade indicate shoddy banking?

"There was a time when venerable institutions such as banks built with brick and marble to ensure a customer's faith in their stability.

Here we see the new facade of the Queens County Savings Bank/New York Community Bank which is not more more than a couple of months old.

Their quick fix redo involved an application of sheets of styro-foam (coffee cup material) covered by a skim coat of a plastic like stucco barely 1/4 of an inch thick over the existing brick!

It's already being bumped and scraped off----being located in the bustling Murray Hill shopping center located on Northern Boulevard in (where else), Flushing.

Will that particular branch survive longer than its new building covering?

Hey bank President Ficalora----are you still on board----and have you noticed this?" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

They don't build them like they used to...

-Joe said...

They call that "Euro-Fucco" its used in Amsterdam flats and eastern block ghetto barracks where they don't have hurricanes

People should also know about the new peel and stick roofing getting slapped up on everything.
All the "discount" company's you see in the paper use it. --Allure professional home improvements my ass.
It's designed to be installed in hours with no tools and unskilled labor.

The next good hurricane 1/2 the buildings in the tri state area are going to be destroyed or all over the streets

Anonymous said...

That is the same type of material that they used to renovate a commercial building on the corner of
65th place/Queens Blvd in Woodside.

It's an improvement from the way it looked before but who knows how long
it's going to hold up.

Anonymous said...

It's called EIFS

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dryvit. The pride of Polish contractors in central queens.

Anonymous said...

one of the few local banks that did not crumble under the pressure from community organizers to give subprime loans to the queens (no income ,no assets, no jobs ) losers.

the Community Bank leadership gave obama back the $500Million of taxpayer stimulus money, that he gave the bank.

Anonymous said...

Way back when...this site was originally a "Mayflower Coffee Shop" franchise...hence the use of coffee cup material applied to its facade (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

i think your headline question is a cheap shot.if you have detailed knowledge of this banks financial failure to its customers, let us know now.

a fifty year satisfied customer of the Queens County bank system.

CJ said...

I met Joe Ficalora almost 35 years ago when I was doing equipment maintenance for an international vendor at Queens County Savings Bank. He was a department assistant and you could see then that he had a bright future with that institution. If he is the same person now as he was then (and I do believe he is) that banking institution is in great shape. The only reason those banks are still in existence is because of his leadership and I wish him well.
The building is another story, and it is symptomatic of a larger problem that threatens this state and our country. During the Civil War they called it “shoddy” when substandard goods were delivered to the government at ridiculous prices and the description became part of the language. Someone will always be in a position of power to receive the money under the table.
We have become a nation of shoddy.

Anonymous said...

Granted EIFS is a cheap system to use but nothing holds up to the abuse these people put it through. I think the lack of respect is a bigger issue than cheap materials.