Monday, September 8, 2008

Video farewell to McReilly's

We thought you might be interested in the video tribute we made to McReilly's Pub in LIC. As you well know, it closed just over a week ago. I'm still stunned that it's gone, but we wanted to mark its leaving. Thanks for the great blog. Obviously, we share a desire to hang onto meaningful places.


Mark Aldrich

"We find the bars you'll tell your friends about."


Anonymous said...

Very very sad. I used to live around the corner. After 9/11 we spent every night there, trying to feel better. It was the only place that helped.

Cheers and farewell, McReilly's.

Anonymous said...

Just Terrible !!
I wonder what country the new building owner (landlord)is ?

Anonymous said...

Great. We need less bars and pubs in Queens. Think about the example it sets for our children.

Anonymous said...

I would not worry about pubs setting an example for your children with everything else going on around you.

What a stupid thing to say! This was a nice establishment where people ate and socialized.