Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corona Condo Crap

Found a postcard for Corona Plaza Condominiums and decided to check this one out online. In a nutshell: 41 units, 21 parking spaces where there was a one family house, a building shed and a warehouse.
First, we have the professionally-designed website. I like the mention of the Little Italy community (down to what? 4 blocks now?) but not the Big South America rest of the neighborhood.
Professional photos, too.
Wow, what a gorgeous building! Now I'm really intrigued. Where are the Fedders?
Mirrored hallways! Awesome. Better be careful on that elevator, though.
Wow the views from the balcony - spectacular.
Who could ask for anything more?
The smokestack has me sold on this building. Where do I sign?


Anonymous said...

Viva El Mundo Condo!

Can I keep my chickens
on the balcony?

Anonymous said...

Now that's how many more people
occupying the site of this former one family house that will be crowding the already crowded #7 platform during rush hours?

How many more toilet flushes and gallons of bath water, electricity consumption putting great stress
on our antiquated infrastructure ?

Oh yes....
I forgot the schools, local hospitals, etc.

I guess it doesn't matter
to the huckster/builder of these overpriced instant slums.

Touted as a "luxury" development,
it will really serve the lower classes coming here from countries where conditions are far worse.

Welcome to the LAPSE of luxury amigos....
you're all being taken for a
very expensive ride!

Anonymous said...

forget about Queens West can any of you rough and rude outer borough trouble makers get me in this Taj Mahal?

love the crowded streets nearby and fighting off hostile South American/Mexican drunks stumbling down Roosevelt.

Sorry I mean the sainted " hard working day laborers". who are driving down the minimum wage and are here illegally, jumping the line. but we must not mention that. no, no, no.
illegal aliens are the best victims ever. even narco terrorists love them.

oooh, they can't afford the two dollar dances and they are so far from home so lonely.

wonder how much non union labor was used on this paradise.

Anonymous said...


Comments as well as building.

Luv this site Crappie!

Anonymous said...

And the best part of all is that a one bedroom is "only" $334K! For an apartment that looks like a cheap rental. Maybe these prices are from a year ago when housing prices had no where to go but up?

Anonymous said...

Does having its own website count as a luxury amenity for the building?

Also, this misnamed building is nowhere near Corona Plaza, its at least a 15-min. walk to the Corona plaza station.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Corona included in the sub prime mortgage collapse belt?

Lots of luck trying to sell cheaply built over priced "luxury" condos
to high risk 3rd worlders who won't be able to secure mortgages!

Well, never mind.

Just slap a "for rent" banner over the "for sale" sign!

And presto...
calling all section #8 renters!

And so this poor area continues to remain the ghetto its been for decades past!

That's bad news!

Anonymous said...

who in their right minds are going to pay $300K++ for a 1 br condo in the slums of Corona? Third world community, high crime, overcrowded and not even close to the subway..what a joke. wait a few months and these will be rentals with tenants laundry hanging from the balconies and broken & cracked mirrors in the lobby...