Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wrong Aid?

Drugstore shoppers in Sunnyside are seeing double these days - and it's not because they're feeling woozy or sick.

Two Rite Aid pharmacies have set up shop right next to one another at 46-12 and 46-02 Greenpoint Ave., with a third store just three blocks away.

Two Rite Aid pharmacies set up shop next to one another

At first glance, the two adjacent stores appear to be one large Rite Aid, but they are in fact two independent stores separated by a concrete wall.

While there's nothing new about the phenomenon of rival chains setting up shop close to one another, some customers and local business leaders said this kind of redundancy isn't necessarily a good thing for the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Thats because Riteaid just bought out eckerd. One of those stores will be dropped in 3-6 months.

Anonymous said...

I thought they would just knock out the wall seperating the two stores and have one giant store.

Anonymous said...

Among the four stores in the area--YES, four of them, the other two are just a few blocks from the mess on Greenpoint Avenue--there is not one single decent, clean, uncluttered store. These stores are twice the size of any supermarket in the area (unless you want to schlep over to Northern Boulevard and go to Stop-n-Shop).

Sunnysider said...

Rite Aid is the worst over here in Sunnyside...poorly maintained, sloppy. The new CVS is a welcome addition, despite the excessive amount of drugstores. The old Eckerd, despite being smallest, was (and is) the best stocked of the bunch.