Sunday, November 25, 2007

Olde Elmhurst

Imagine a world before aluminum siding and Queens Crap.
These homes at one point must have been something. They are in Elmhurst, which was once a wealthy enclave. As they are corner properties, they are definitely on the endangered list.


Anonymous said...

Yes they are, and they should be put out on some website where this info can be usefully spread.

Instead, HDC, the creative imaginative group they are, wants everyone to make a list of buildings already torn down for

They were specific: lets not put down anything endangered, now.

Sounds like someone from Queens is in charge. I can see Stan's borough hall group doing a useless excercise like that. It is a make work feel-good project that wastes people's time in doing something that accomplishes nothing.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say "endangered list" ?
Better contact HDC.....
maybe they'll post it in their newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary


(myth) A creative vibrant multi-ethnic community full of restaurants where the casual stroller can see tomorrow's America today.

(reality, or should we say realty) An exercise in poor urban planning with no soul or character, dirty and noisy, where the only institution that counts is a large sprawling hospital, hideous architecture only trumped by Flushing, full of transients who don't give two sh*ts for it but want to be somewhere else, but a great place for developers so it is, well, a great place.

Anonymous said...

the first one is a gem. Looks really well maintained too.

Anonymous said...

I see through the aluminum siding and the few visible alterations. These are prime vestiges of Olde Elmhurst, and could be restored someday if they don't end up in the dreaded hands of developers. Those were the days when Elmhurst was an appealing, peaceful community with a neighboring feel!

Anonymous said...

"Stan" isn't doing very well Mr. (B.S.) Bull Shit.
Have some respect.....if not shame for yourself!