Monday, November 19, 2007

Party time!

Only something scheduled after hours. So did Dennis Gallagher go to this?

Chamber hosts dinner dance

Nope! But it looks like Lynda came back from her vacation and was representin' the pink man.


Anonymous said...

if you think about it all politicians should be required to make their daily schedules available to the public. We've a right to know whether they're adequetely representing our interests or are just loafing off and drawing 6-figure salaries (with "perks") at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Now HERE is a party.


The RIGHT neighborhood!


Perhaps even those little list-assemblers that makes up the Queens preservation community might even be invited (this IS the access they crave, folks!)


Our problems are solved! Our heros have arrived! Bring your check book! These guys will make Crappie obsolete soon!


Will things really really change now!? Any efforts at encouraging grass roots groups!? Will we see a thousand flowers bloom next spring!?

Oh yes, just what have they done?

Stay tuned on Crappie.


Come Celebrate With Your Neighbors!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
6:00 PM

Hosted by
Ann Walker Gaffney and Everett Ortner
272 Berkeley Place, Park Slope
(near Grand Army Plaza)

You are invited for drinks and an update on CECPP’s campaign to save the NYC
Landmarks Preservation Commission. It’s been nearly two years since the
first “Preservation Summit” when over 150 concerned preservationists like
you came together to act on the dire state of historic preservation in New
York City. At risk then - and now - is a Landmarks Commission that is
under-funded, under-staffed, and unable to fulfill its legal responsibility
under the NYC Landmarks Law. You and your neighbors spoke out, and CECPP
has been working hard to secure the LPC’s ability to protect New York’s most
beloved historic places through adequate funding, operational transparency
and political independence.

The enthusiastic support of people like you, who fight to preserve the
landmarks and communities of our great city, keeps CECPP going strong. What
better reason to celebrate, and what better place to raise your glass, than
the Park Slope brownstone home so lovingly restored by Everett and Evelyn
Ortner, leading pioneers of New York’s preservation movement.

Welcoming Remarks By

Anthony C. Wood, author of

Preserving New York: Winning the Right to Protect a City’s Landmarks

Copies will be available of this hot-off-the-press story of the people and
places, the buildings and battles, and the policies and politics that led to
New York’s historic Landmarks Law

“Vigilance is the price of preservation.” Edward R. Finch, Jr., 1965
Drinks and light food will be served. There is no charge for this event
(but please bring your checkbook – it’s a fund-raiser for CECPP, in case
you’re inspired…)

RSVP, 212-380-8612

CECPP Steering Committee

Eric Allison Educator
Hal Bromm Real Estate Consultant
Jeffrey Kroessler Historian
Anthony C. Wood Preservation Historian
William E. Davis, Jr. Architect Acting Chair
W.N. Seymour, Jr. Lawyer Acting Secretary
Kate Wood Preservationist Acting Treasurer

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Howard Beach Chamber of Commerce! Get the Middle Village Chamber of Commerce to spend money to dine and celebrate rapistry down your way.

As for the low life proclamees, have none of you any standards at all?

Candelabra: Why are you always dressed like a gangster?

Anonymous said...

Why would Tonia Broschart show off a proclamation from Gallagher? I'd throw it in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

"Everett and Evelyn Ortner, leading pioneers of New York’s preservation movement."

Wouldn't the preservation movement have started back in the 1800s or at least early in the 1900s??

Anonymous said...

Forget about Pinky, Crappie, he is small potatoes.

I want to hear more about the wine and cheeze. Can you post more about CREEP I mean CECPP?

Anonymous said...

Of course, Pork Slop! Tha Village, tha Heights, and everyon'e fav, tha West Side. There is a bunch of people that represents the real New York.

Get real guys! That is the sort of thing that walks right into Micklejohn's lap.

Anonymous said...

Not a hint about the raw deal we are getting in Queens, or the real world that community preservation faces each and every day.

Like their society botox beauties, a nip here (a few $ more in LPC budget) and a tuck there (its the commissioners stupid!) and ALLLLLL our problems will be taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the underfunded landmarks law. That is why Bricklayer Onorato was able to get away speading misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Pinky could never stop St Saviours if the commission had proper staffing.

Then you could get MONTHLY reject letters .... or is the staffing issue really about quickly processing all those 'improvements' to buildings by yuppies in areas already landmarked.

Are these people for real? Maybe they should give another award to Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Hey, be nice now! Commissioners are so central to our problems, not the press, not the machine, not the lack of real information to the public.

For example, we have several commissioners from Queens. Is our life not better for it?

If that other stuff were were real problems someone would say something. Right?

Anonymous said...

Copies will be available of this hot-off-the-press story of the people and places, the buildings and battles, and the policies and politics that led to New York’s historic Landmarks Law.

Who cares? What is important is who is leading things today and what they will do for me and my community.

Not much if this is what they can muster.

Anonymous said...

They honored John Schell... for what? FYI, his real name is Schmuck not Schell.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the hideous buck tooth skank is sleeping with Sal (uglier than Gallagher) Candelabra?

Anonymous said...

Are you working on your Tan-ya?

Anonymous said...

Q: What does Jake LaCrapa have in common with Sal Candelabra?

A The answer will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Down the hatch !

I guess that "Pinky"
will be sleeping off another bender
(wherever he parks his hat these days) !

If he's experiencing financial woes....
a night in the "drunk tank"
may not be a bad day rent free
buys another case of beer!

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell the buck tooth skank's bank about her conduct in the neighborhood. I'm sure that they would be interested.