Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The flushing of Flushing Commons

The blueprints are changing and the cost is rising to $800 million for a mixed-use building scheduled for construction on a sprawling municipal parking lot in Flushing.

The developers of Flushing Commons — which community leaders promoted in 2005 based on a rosy early proposal for the 5-acre city property — are revising their most recent plans following a burst of outrage from local leaders.

Flushing Commons changes spur outrage by local leaders

"The project is at a standstill right now, at best; at worst, [it's] dead in the water," Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) said this week.

Since February, Liu and other leaders have criticized the developers, TDC Development and the Rockefeller Group, for tossing out plans for a 50,000-square-foot community center on the site to be run by the YMCA.

The original plan called for the site to include 2,000 city-subsidized parking spots.

The developers, citing spiraling costs, have since ­approached the YMCA about revising plans. The parking subsidy was jettisoned, and new plans call for 1,600 spots, but without a subsidy.


Anonymous said...

This is a deva vu visitation of the scrapped Zeckendorf
plans for "developing" that same space years back!

There goes some of the campaign funding
from TDC Rockefeller that (most likely)
was promised to John Liu for pimping their project....
for whatever office he intends to run for in the future.

TS.....C.M. Liu.....
(and that's not an abbreviation for Times Square) !

Anonymous said...

That's two projects down the crapper
that Liu was promoting
in expectation of receiving campaign cash
(no doubt) :

#1. Boymelgreen's RKO Keith's plan

#2. TDC's Muni Lot #1 complex

More time now to take care of #1 son "Joey"
(named after his convicted criminal father.....
infamous for the Great Eastern Bank job) !

The Willets Point development
is about to become Liu's third failure!

Ha, ha, ha.
We said that the market for this kind of shit
was coming to an end!

It seems that "prime" real estate
has met its sub-prime adversary
and is already crying "uncle" !

Anonymous said...

I understand that Claire (the big “C”) Shulman has been prodding into the negotiations for this as well as other projects slated for the Flushing area. Wellington & Co must be paying her very well for her services.

Anonymous said...

Who could have known that Liu was such a sneaky politician? Advancing his selfish agenda by attacking the very developers who pay into his campaign fund. Could an elected official be any more un-American? Please tell me more about this conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Liu was the clubhouse's
choice for use as their Asian sock puppet.
(Convicted criminal Daddy Joey Liu Senior
must have lined the Dem/machine's pockets royally).

And all those Stavisky ass kissers
are still being tweeded by that bulbous
toad Toby-Ann !

(Her son Evan is ensuring that his "Parkside Group"
is lobbying for every developer they can sign up)!

Anonymous said...

Some of the local politicos
need to be "water-boarded"
for allowing the destruction of Flushing.

You know......
push their faces in the toilet bowl
and flush it a few times.

Maybe that'll wake 'em up
(or clean out their ears so that they will be able listen
to their constituents for a change) !

Anonymous said...

Has John Liu run out of
out-of-district issues to promote
and gone off to Taiwan for a vacation
(he's probably not welcome on the mainland....
being the spawn of Kuo Mon Tang) ?

We haven't seen his face (or ass)
in front of the cameras as often as it used to be!