Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knowledge of Queens College's dorm plan

Upon completion, the dorm will reach four to five stories and house 450-550 students, only 2 percent of the total student body. The residence hall is being erected at the current site of the outdoor tennis courts, which will be rebuilt elsewhere. Although the hall won’t increase the overall student population, it is expected to draw students from beyond the borough. In addition, it will cater to students who don’t own cars. However, 200 surface parking spots will be created underneath the dorm building, increasing campus parking by 10 percent. The convenience of living on QC’s 77-acre campus comes at a price; rooms will cost from $900 to $1,400 a month. The suites include a refrigerator, microwave, sink and stovetop.

QC’s Dorms Revealed


Anonymous said...

As a Queens College alumnus, Class of 1977, I heartily approve! It would have been nice to have lived on campus when I attended classes there. Commuter schools don't have the same feeling as dorm-based colleges. You feel more of a connection to the school if you live there, I believe.

Bookartist said...

QC aulmna 1993 here: this is a good idea and I also wish we had them when I attended. This will go some good way to mitigating the purely commuter/consumer feeling the QC campus has always had.

Anonymous said...

at least they're not seizing land from the surrounding community like St John's is.

Anonymous said...

Is Joe Sciame going to "dorm" with the boys ?

I don't trust his sheepish grimace!