Friday, November 23, 2007

That Space Is Fair Game

From the New York Times:

Q. Many of the large apartment buildings in my neighborhood put signs in the street in front of the building that say, “Please do not block entrance of building.” Presumably this is so that residents have easy access when getting out of taxis. But a sign in the street blocks what could be a parking space. Is this legal?

A. It is legal for some large hotels, but not for apartment buildings.

“If you are talking about an apartment building, it is illegal to reserve parking in front of the building,” said Craig Chin, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Transportation. Traffic rules forbid reserving a space or preventing a vehicle from parking by putting something in the roadway, including an unauthorized sign.

Hotels, provided they have at least 100 rooms, can apply for a loading zone. (They can’t merely create one.) A 100-room hotel will be allowed two parking spaces (40 feet). For 500 rooms, a hotel can get three spaces, and for 1,000 rooms, five spaces.


Anonymous said...

No, they will TELL you the hotels are required to have the parking spaces, until the foundation is in the ground, then they will TELL you that it optional for projects even over 100 units.

Mighty John Young and fair damsel Jennifer will tell you all. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. The developers will do everying within the law - sort of like the Soviets sending people to the gulag and the Nazis sending people to the camps - all legal there too!!

Oh yes, remember when shitty planning shows up, you just can't get rid of the bad Penny (Lee)!

Anonymous said...

This crap has been a pet peeve of mine for some time now. All the doorman buildings on Park Avenue used to paint a yellow stripe on the curb, to prevent people from parking there, but it is illegal for anyone to paint their curb, so they were all forced to paint over the yellow. Thier new trick is the sign that you are talking about. Because God forbid one of the rich tenants should have to get out of a limo and possibly get wet if it's raining.
I squeeze in to these spots as often as possible, and of course the excuse I get most often is that they are keeping that space clear for all the handicapped people living in the building. BULL!!!!