Thursday, November 29, 2007

Protest against Tommy Huang this Sunday

The Juniper Park Civic Association and Councilman Tony Avella will hold a press conference on Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 11am in front of 57-40 Mazeau Street in Maspeth.

JPCA protests illegal Mazeau Street houses

JPCA and the councilman have been calling on the city to force the owner of 57-39 Mazeau Street to demolish the 4-story structure as it violates the R4-1 zoning for this area and encroaches on the lot next door. Earlier this year, the owner instead demolished the original wood frame house, located at 57-37 Mazeau Street. He continues to negotiate with the Department of Buildings, looking for a way he can legalize the house.

Meanwhile, across the street at 57-40 Mazeau Street, owner Stavros Stathakis has converted a garage into a house without permits. According to online DOB records, this house has $2,500 in unresolved building violations and no certificate of occupancy, yet it is currently on the market with a $600,000 asking price. Councilman Avella has written to Derek Lee, Queens Commissioner of Buildings, and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo about the property. “An unsuspecting homebuyer could purchase this home and be responsible for fixing the violations,” Avella said in his letters.

The Juniper Park Civic Association and Councilman Avella are calling for greater enforcement of building and zoning codes.


Anonymous said...

Knowing Huang and the city,the building will stay standing half-built for many more years.

Anonymous said...

Do invite Mighty John Young, and give him a bullhorn with no battery.

Anonymous said...

Invite Jennifer Manley and DON'T give her a bullhorn without a battery.

Anonymous said...

Bring rocks. Bust windows (ha, ha, ha....I'm kidding) !

Actually that's what some anonymous College Point
residents did to a Huang project on a regular basis
some 20 years ago.

I believe he got rid of the building
before its final completion in disgust
and defeat!

Does anyone out there know
where that site was ?

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Jerry Rotondi! Be sure to bring a "Noose" poster. Keep THAT pot boiling too.

Anonymous said...

Actually, last year Jerry brought an outhouse poster to the Huang rally and it was a big hit. I hope they both make a reappearance this time.

Anonymous said...

Expecting another huge turnout?

Anonymous said...

Is there a tree left on the property ?
If so.....hang Huang !

Anonymous said...

Where's the rapist Dennis Pee Gallagher?