Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't come back now, you hear?

As recently as last month, the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, indicated that the council is leaving open the option of extending term limits. Thirty-six of the 51 council members will be term-limited out of office in 2009.

A Third Term May Glimmer for Mayor

It's possible that council members eyeing an extension would have an easier time winning popular support if they could use another four years of Mr. Bloomberg's leadership as a selling point.

Do these people not understand that no means no?


Anonymous said...

Term limits for city office was put in place by the will of the people and has been quite effective. Essentially this rule limits consecutive terms to 2 and ends the practice of boiler room politics controling a seat of a favored individual for decades and decades of ineffectiveness. Term limits has been so successful in my view that it should be expanded to state offices at the very least to the State Assembly seats. These seats seem to be occuppied by the most unqualified of individuals and become career for some entrenched idiots that are difficult to unseat. Their constuients suffer because they generally run unaopposed - voter have no choices.

Anonymous said...

If these lazy corrupt politicos want job security
then let them go to work for the post office !

Instead of increasing these bastards term limits......
many need to spend a term or two in jail......
eh "Pinky" ? !!!

Anonymous said...

what ticks me off too is when they vote themselves pay raises. Their salaries should be dependent on their performance, as should the length of their terms in office.

Unknown said...

Term limits are essential!!! Imagine if Pinky got his buddies to throw some money behind another campaign and he found a platform to run on (say...anti-immigrant) he could possibly win and then we would have him another 4 years except now he would be even more indebted to the people that payed for his campaign.
Term limits are the only way to go.

Anonymous said...

"Will of the people"? "Screw the will of the people"! I'm the Commissar!!

My will be done!

Let the "Little people" pay the taxes we want and then shut up!

Go ahead! Put this midget Commissar up for a third term. Then we can watch him beg for votes he'll never see.

We've had enough of Commissars. Let's now have someone who has actually mowed his own lawn, used the subways regularly, can eat in a diner and converse with "Little People" and keep his food down.

Now, who could that be?

Anonymous said...

Term limits are a step in the right direction, but the stranglehold the machine has on media and government insures that there is always ready, on the side, more suits ready to put into play. The face may change, the instructions do not.

What is needed is strict controls on financing to level the field.

What is needed is something to cut the close ties between the newspapers and the clubhouse. Story after story of some hack with a vacant smile getting the credit for something (Gioia and landmarking Sunnyside Gardens is a good recent example) all but puts a lock on the party nomination.

Anonymous said...

Almost every employee
is subject to a bi-annual performance review.

I agree with Ken.......why not politicians?

At each point
they're either given a raise or a "pink slip".

Sorry....C.M. "Pinky" G.
We weren't referring to the ladies undergarments
that you're so fond of wearing!

georgetheatheist said...

"Term Limits". If it was good enough for the great George Washington, it's good enough for you. (Who do you think you are, Franklin Roosevelt?)

Anonymous said...

Term limits should also apply to private civic associations.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Term limits should also apply to private civic associations."


What Constitutional (US, NYS) provision would support this?

The Let's All Hate the JPCA clause? Get out of the dingy basement into the fresh air and sunshine. It will work wonders on the bile in your brain.

Anonymous said...

there was a huge protest in Venezuela, today, denouncing Hugo Chavez's intent of doing away with presidential term limits, so he could stay in power indefinitely. Maybe a similar protest should be staged here, on a smaller scale, to get the message across to the City Council that "we want" term limits. They just don't seem to be getting this.

Anonymous said...

Even with term limits, we still have political dynasties, such as Vallones, Crowleys, and Hevesis keeping power in the hands of the few, and the dumb voters who will reelect any candidate with a D and a familiar last name.

Anonymous said...

Term limits is democracy in action. It prevents monarchs. Here is a case example about how corrupt and lazy politicians can become: