Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo of the month

State Senator George Onorato welcomes Daphne Roper, manager of the new Sovereign Bank branch at 24-29 Jackson Ave., to Long Island City.


Anonymous said...

she's about a foot and a half taller than him.

Anonymous said...

Either that's a really small man or a really big woman.

Anonymous said...

Next time State Senator George Onorato should stand up when he's having his picture taken.

Anonymous said...

The Bricklayer and the Finance Lady.

Ah, this must be Astoria!

Anonymous said...

Someone call the Knicks. Don't they need a new center?

Anonymous said...

Well, again, dear folks, we have second stringers like this on full display (and you wonder why Queens has poor rep) with complete confidence that the borough has no real resistance to the machine.

After the damage he and his buddies did to Sunnyside by trying to tear the community apart with misinformation, you would think that everytime he would show up (with his stale Henny Youngman jokes) he would be booed.

But again, this is Queens. We are polite in front of royalty. To be any other way would be a poor reflection on us.

Pass the wine, please, and let me look at your list.