Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fright fest

Shots of the Queens Legislative Review are on the Daily News website.

Local politicians poke fun to raise funds

Audrey, I didn't even recognize you.


verdi said...

Good Lord....blue "big hair".

It ain't Dallas.....or "Flo's Diner".....
it's "Tales From The Crypt"!

Did Melinda (alley) Katz hit her high "C" ?

Gag !

georgetheatheist said...

Hurry, please where's my barf bag? A panopoly of visages from a vomitorium! NYC legislators are, bar none, the UGLIEST creatures on the planet. Hurry please, out of the way...Gaggggg!

[It's OK..I'm feeling better...wait...no...no...not again!...Gurrrrgle-grrrrp!]

Anonymous said...

These polticos are tiresome. There is nothing funny about them, nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Did Pinky Gallagher attend? If so did he try to hit on the blue hair?

Anonymous said...

what a pathetic bunch!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get a look
at Toby the troll/toad Stavisky
in the weeklies?

There's a good argument for term limits
to be immediately put into place on the state level !

Anonymous said...

Hey....don't knock it.

It's the only act that Jeffrey Rosenstock
can book for his boondoggle Theater In The Park !

Nobody goes there and no self respecting act
will perform there either !

Who did the costumes ?
Were they funded by the taxpayers ?

Rotten tomatoes are being passed around.
Anyone interested ?