Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hauling himself to City Hall

Oh here we go. Dennis Gallagher at City Hall. He had 3 meetings this day, although 2 of them were being held at the same time, so he must have a clone (God help us). Of course, under "Rep" it says "FYI" which means attendance not required. Tsk, tsk.


Anonymous said...

My bet? He chose the meeting on Solid Waste Management because he's full of shit.

Then, hopped over to the DOB meeting to see any developers who would still pay him off (out of habit).

Anonymous said...

Dennis is a piece of solid waste, so hopfully he made it to that meeting.

Anonymous said...

OK, we get it. Gallagher is not very busy these days. Can you post something more interesting and original than his schedule everyday?

And as a life-long Democrat, I would love to see the Republicans lose Gallagher's seat, so I am no fan of his.

Queens Crapper said...

No, I think I will continue for a few more days, as people have the right to know that they have taxation without representation. But thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

If you want to keep abreast of the news get yourself a subscription to the NY Times, along with a crate of coffee to keep yourself awake while reading the rag. It may be chock full of facts but it's dull as hell compared to the stuff Crappy posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey "LackofOrignalitySucksButt" FYI, this is real news, watch as the daily papers pick on this. Here's an elected official, Dennis Gallagher, with a questionable past, under a 10-count indictment for rape and assault sitting on his ass and collecting $110,000 salary.

If you are bored with this story do us all a favor and use your index finger to scroll to another of the hundreds of posts the Crapper does as a public service.

Anonymous said...

Hey, take a look at the preservationists - no miles of empty blank paper on THEIR schedules but paragraph after paragraph of densly written small type on manifestos on this and that and this again.

Of course, they accomplish about as much as Pinky with his empty schedule.

No wait ... he actually does more.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher can't go to any of these committees because he was stripped of them by the council when he got indicted. It also shows you what his fellow Council members down at City Hall think of him. The Mayor, the Council, the community, and his own family all have no use for him. 2 more years pinky, and your gonna get the kick in the ass of a lifetime. PS-nice staff you have giving out your schedule, I guess they learned how to act like a Skell from you.

Anonymous said...

What's great is that Dennis P. Gallagher is now a laughing stock of the neighborhood. There are dozens of Gallagher jokes flying around.

Seriously, how can this guy actually show his cowardly grand motherfucking ugly face out in public?

Anonymous said...

Oh....I see a meeting on the schedule
with Parks & Recreation.... eh?

Is that where "Pinky" Gallagher
will be representing Parkside (or the developer)
nixing the St. Saviour's park plan
that was suggested by his constituents? !!!

We all know who that SOB works for !!!!!!!!!!!