Friday, November 16, 2007

Sunnyside Gardens develpment loophole? the meeting, the question of infill was raised by City Planning's Mandy Ikert, who understood it might apply to Sunnyside and wanted an explanation of it. [Queens City Planning Director John] Young said that at least theoretically the infill program, which, in short, would allow special expansion of dwelling space, applied to Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Gardens Zoning, Preservation Questioned

In other neighborhoods, infill has led to destruction of one- and two-family units and their replacement with multi-family structures, often cleverly wrought. Joseph Conley, chairman of Community Board 2, appeared indignant that the term should even be raised in Sunnyside Gardens. Young tried to assert that there was little actual danger of infill.

Notice Mr. Young didn't say "no actual danger". He used the word "little" which means it is a loophole that developers will no doubt exploit, with the help of DOB and City Planning.


Anonymous said...

John Young works for the
Dept. of City PLOTTING......
the real name of City Planning !

He's a go-fer wimp
that's not to be trusted !

Anonymous said...

Mighty John Young's days are numbered. The communities are starting to compare notes.

His effectiveness is starting to erode.

Anonymous said...

Wait till Mickeljohn gets her revenge.

The party aint't over.