Sunday, November 18, 2007

The thin brown line

The skinniest building in Queens may be located at the corner of Alstyne and Corona Avenues.


Anonymous said...

That was originally a flagpole warehouse, I believe.

Anonymous said...

This is on, or near the location of the Burroughs Family burial ground, recently built upon. The other half exists as a likely buildable double lot.

Mentioned it to our famed (in some quarters) borough historian who built his career (as it exists) on saving non-buildable cemetaries (well, lets no mention calling landfill Arbitration Rock) while the rest of the borough is getting torn down.

Since the double lot, unlike Moore-Jackson might be buildable, is at risk, but is, after all, buildable, being Queens,he, of course, refused to make any noise about it.

This is exactly the kind of person the Manhattan folks would coronate as being the right kind of preservation spokesperson from Queens.

And of course, he is.

Anonymous said...

what's up with the vegetation in the adjoining, fenced-in lot? Are those corn stalks - or 10-foot tall weeds?

Anonymous said...

Any info on the Leverich burial ground. It surfaces, then vanishes in the news every five years or so.

While we are on the topic, how about building on the Reformed Church burial ground in Old Astoria (rejected with out a whimper by the LPC).

And of course, the shame of what they did to St George cemetary - in Old Astoria where else?

Anonymous said...

Hey, what are you grumbling about - St George church has a QUEENSMARK!!!

whoo hoo (finger tracing circles in the air)

Anonymous said...

In Manhattan, there used to be a 9 ft. wide "Spite House" mentioned in the book Architectural Holdouts. This must be its Queens relative.

The architecture here looks like 1930s QueensCrap.

Anonymous said...

That building houses the late
(too bad it couldn't have been sooner)
Donald Manes' ego/organ !

Anonymous said...

I was looking all over under the couch
for that long skinny missing piece
so now I can finish my jigsaw puzzle!