Monday, November 19, 2007

Now we're thinking!

Steiner Studios and its landlord, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp., are teaming up to transform 20 acres of gated Navy Yard land in Williamsburg that hasn't been used for decades into the stage for the first-ever Hollywood-style back lot to go up on the East Coast.


Douglas Steiner, the studio's chairman, said the outdoor lot would likely include a large scenic reconstruction of New York City streets, cutting down on costly street closings for city location shoots and making it easier for city-based productions to film in the Big Apple rather than head to California.

The Nassau Street site at the Navy Yard is a former medical compound. It houses majestic, historic buildings dating back to 1830 that would be renovated so they, too, could be used as scenery.


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Anonymous said...

would be something to get excited about if they still made good movies like back in the old days, instead of the trashy gore flicks put out nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Finally something being recycled and not torn down for some starchitect project.

Anonymous said...

I'm for anything that cuts down on these bozos closing off my block and towing poeple's cars away because they need space. F%@k them.

Bookartist said...

Man, I hope this takes root. Bring businesses back to the boroughs.