Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Columbia endangers Cotton Club

Michael Novielli, a Columbia University spokesman, notes: "This Cotton Club on 125th Street and Twelfth Avenue should not be confused with the original—and historic—Cotton Club."

Clubbed to Death

That means they want to take it.

Photo from Village Voice


Anonymous said...

Hey, really, I'm with QC now and forever on the teardown of the city's past, and I hold no brief for Columbia, the germ of the ocean. But this isn't the original Cotton Club, to my knowledge has nothing whatever to do with the legendary, Owney Madden-run Harlem nightspot except stealing the name for the express purpose of fooling the tourists, and can scarcely be said to adding to the cultural landscape. Tour buses to hear live Motown karaoke? Let's save our outrage for the true countless travesties that QC documents so tirelessly.

Anonymous said...

A friend of the family (Sol F.)
once owned a hardware store (1920s or 30s?)
right next to the original cotton Club in Harlem.

One day, as he told us,
these two guys walked into his store
and bought a hatchet.

They returned hours later and said
it wasn't what they needed
and wanted a refund of the purchase price.

It looked as though the ax had already been used.

No questions were asked.....
as these "2 guys" looked rather serious....
and their money was promptly
and cheerfully refunded!

Now that's a true story .