Friday, November 16, 2007

Even the dead hate Gallagher

"...right now there's nothing else that can be done. I don't think there can be parkland at the site." - Councilman Dennis Gallagher

Activists blast Gallagher

Letters to the Forum West:

Repent, Dennis Gallagher!

To The Editor,

After reading your account of (Councilman) Dennis Gallagher's attempts to make sure a land deal goes through on church property it further sickens me that I voted for the likes of him. Actually we really should not be surprised at this scoundrel's actions after his indictment was handed down.

What he should be doing is looking to re-open St. Saviour's so that he can have a place to go and repent for his sins. I think perhaps God is the only one who may have mercy on him.

Ellen W.

Save St. Saviour’s

To the editor:

I have enjoyed your paper from the first publication. This paper is a great tool of information for the people of Queens. The reason that I am sending this letter is because we should not forget about the problem we have with the land and buildings of St. Saviour’s Church. This is a fight that we are having with Maspeth Developers wanting to turn this land into a housing complex of 72 homes. This company cut down 185 trees on the site, about 15 to 20 of which were more than 100 years old. We cannot let this happen because this will take away the history of when Maspeth was founded. I live across the street from what was once a very country-like setting. We do not need more housing; we need more green space and a historical center for the roots of Maspeth.

Please don’t forget about St. Saviour’s Church.

Thank You,
Thomas Vitale

Editorial from the Forum West (This one's a real doozy):

If James Maurice, the 19th century elected official who represented Maspeth, stood up to Tammany Hall (and won) and donated the land upon which St. Saviour’s stands, can see what has become of his gift to Maspeth, he must be turning over in his grave. If he is aware of the type of representation his hometown now has, then he may actually be spinning in it.

I guess there'll be no holiday ads from the councilman in this paper...


Anonymous said...

“Marshall said the (St Saviour's) property is ‘an eyesore right now’ and suggested the development would likely move forward. A portion of the grounds would be used as a park, ‘but mostly for people who live in the development,’ she said.”

grrrr! :(

Anonymous said...

The ghosts are going to get Dennis Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

The noose (depicted in that controversial cartoon)
was too good for Gallagher.

"It should be execution by chain saw....Texas style"!
(The ghosts of the massacred 185 trees
at St. Saviour's have just passed sentence) !

Anonymous said...

another treacherous dog......
posing as a kindly dim witted grandma.....
just like Shulman did during her tenure as B.P. !

She's in the pocket of developers
a Judas goat who's leading the borough
to slaughter !

Anonymous said...

Give Marshall some credit- she saved one Redbird subway car for preservation!

Anonymous said...

Marshall saved a Redbird ?

I thaught it was some old timers who donated 100's of hours weekend time doing restoration at Coney Island Yards.

Anonymous said...

There is reason to believe that this indicted rapist has created one more sewage backup, and is himself the person pushing the sewage into our community.


He is operating a feculent Blog that spews out vicious lies, rape defenses, coarse comments and wild accusations against civil, private citizens who never harmed him (unless flushing a toilet is considered "harm").

This indicted rapist operates this sewage plant all day and night, since he has no more time to perform the job he was elected to perform. When he's not drunk, harassing, raping or defending himself from these indictments, he is very busy with his sewage.

Gallagher, just go away. Far away. Take your lickspittle lackeys with you. Oh, yeah. They'll go wherever you go. They're all stuck up your ass, awaiting Bubba's vigorous visit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for the Queens Preservation Council (smirk) or the Four Burros (chuckle) comment on Marshall.

No? Why should they?

They are already crowned the 'official' spokesmen for the borough's preservation community (ha ha ha ha ha ha) so they don't have to lift a finger to do anything, do they?

Anonymous said...

The ghosts of St. Saviour's already got him. Stick a fork in Gallagher... the pink sexual predator is done!

Anonymous said...

Where can I pick up the Forum West? I'm hearing alot about it.

Anonymous said...

probably planning to trolley developers about on the Redbird.

"Next stop Middle Village. Three large 150-year-old homes waiting to be demolished and replaced with crappy condos..."

Anonymous said...


Ciao Uno ballo said...

Councilman Dennis P. Gallagher is now so desperate that he has resorted to conducting phony interviews for community board reappointments subjecting volunteer board members to a scripted list of moronic questions. His idea of instituting term limits for community board members is laughable and is yet another dumb scheme that seeks to promote his cronies from the Dennis Gallagher Civic Association onto Community Board 5. The sham process that he created is designed to cover his removal of board members who dare question his shocking abuse of power. Trouble is it won’t work since he opened his mouth to one too many city officials about his plan.

Unbelievably, the genius Gallagher built a huge glass house and placed it in the middle of a rock quarry. As an elected official who makes Bill Clinton look like a choirboy, Gallagher is the last guy that should be throwing stones. It’s not surprising that he has fallen so far since he has absolutely no one around him with an ounce of grey matter to counsel him. His staff and several allies reads as a Who’s Who of neighborhood miscreants. They too will be held accountable for misdeeds against the community.

Gallagher suspected that someday it could all come crashing down but he just couldn’t change his deviant lifestyle. Watch as his “supporters” jump like rats from the sinking SS badship Gallagher as a lifetime of indiscretions catches up to him.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Anonymous said...

Here's another one from April 13, 2007, the second sentence shows that Gallagher is a sex fiend. Three months later he is accused of rape and assault. We told you so right here on Queens Crap.

Truth Teller said...

Gallagher is the biggest dirt bag abuser. Besides selling pornography from Christ the King Catholic High School and repeatedly abusing his female office workers, here's a list of his growing Dennis P. Gallagher legacy some of which can be found on Google:

• He routinely breaks the law using his taxpayer funded city council staff to work on his campaign.

• Took money from his indicted buddy Brian McLaughlin- who stole millions from everyone including a little league.

• Formed a secret political organization and illegally funded it with cash.

• Strong-armed a neighborhood volunteer who would not do his bidding.

• Corrupted the Department of Buildings process by helping a crooked building consultant.

• Took an all-expense paid trip to Disney World with his family through an illegally rigged contest funded by that crooked building consultant.

• Used taxpayer dollars to fund a politically motivated war on a local civic association.

• Got an Israeli Company, with highly suspect background, to hire his buddy's public relations firm and is now "negotiating" with them to destroy land with historically significant importance to our national heritage.

The list goes on, how's is this guy not behind bars?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Anonymous said...

This one's from April 18, 2007, sing along boys and girls!

Gallagher said...

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful flap...
That started from this tiny street,
and caused all kinds of crap.

Jake was a mighty stutterer,
the stripper skanky and abused,
Five staff members paid bail next day, for a three hour whore, a three hour whore…

The pressure started getting rough,
the neighborhood was crossed.
If not for the courage of one fearless crewman,
the community would be lost; the community would be lost.

The councilshit was found on the whore in this ungodly council office,
with Gallagher, the Stripper too, the Mechanic, and his wife,
the Porno Star, the phony runt,
here on Gallagher's Pile.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Anonymous said...

Darling Bubba,
" ... The councilshit was found on the whore in this ungodly council office,
with Gallagher, the Stripper too, the Mechanic, and his wife,
the Porno Star, the phony runt,
here on Gallagher's Pile."

Bubba, this will be our wedding song. All those folks named in this verse can be in the wedding party!

Oh, this is just sooooooo exciting. More exciting than the hours spent being serviced by ...

Ouch, she bitch slapped me again.

I'll write to you later when the woodie rises again. (Who wrote that lovely song? Very talented person, indeed!)