Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The decision is made

Since you guys were probably losing sleep over this, I thought I would post the big news:

Guggenheim will get to keep new color

"This debate has been watched by the entire world," said commission member Margery Permutter, before the panel approved the museum's petition to paint the exterior of the iconic circular structure a cool, grayish white. "People in Paris were asking me 'What color is the Guggenheim going to be?'"


Anonymous said...

Whew! Where's my pillow?

Anonymous said...

I bet the LPC spent more time on this one issue than the entire borough of Queens last month.

No wonder they need more staff and increased funding.

Anonymous said...

Cool white or buff white.....
a mere fart in a windstorm
when it comes to issues of importance!

(And how many angels can dance on the head of a pin....while we're at it)?

Wright's museum should have been placed in an open space to begin with....not shoe-horned into some Manhattan block & lot piece of real estate.....
as he would have wanted.

It doesn't belong in its present location.
Central Park (maybe give up some of the Sheep Meadow....heaven forfend) would have been
a better choice.

The Guggenheim was specifically meant
to be a SCULPTURE museum.

It's rather poorly suited for the display
of 2 dimensional art.....paintings and the like.

But it's "nice" to know that an elite Manhattan nabe
can influence the choice of paint hues.....
while Queens history is being systematically
obliterated as each day goes by !

Anonymous said...

the paint job will give the museum an excuse to jack up admission, from $18 per adult to an even $20.

Anonymous said...

The obstinate LPC did spend much more time debating on the accuracy of the paint color of a landmarked building, than doing anything substantial for Queens. The increased funding for the fiscal year went to negotiations on toilet color paint.