Friday, November 30, 2007

New rules for donations go into effect soon

The city’s new campaign-finance law kicks in early next year, and insiders say local pols are in a gold rush to get those last big checks from lobbyists. Suri Kasirer, the city’s top-grossing lobbyist last year, says she’s been approached by several in recent weeks who have asked her to contribute the current $4,950 limit for citywide races. Under the new law, championed by Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, lobbyists will max out at only $400. “It’s absolutely annoying,” says Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. of the new limit. He netted $200,000 at a fund-raiser at Bloomberg’s townhouse earlier this month and is considering a run for Queens borough president.

Last Call for Cash-Grubbing Pols


Anonymous said...

They are all scrambling for illegal and tainted money. Councilman Joe Addabbo already has a site dedicated to expose his malfeasance, but the same applies to many Council members. Where is the Ethics Committee? I guess guilty of the same transgressions!

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that Vellone has raised so much cash from lobbists prior to the deadline ending such practics, he learned from the knee of from his Dad, Pete Sr. At least Pete Sr. picked his issues more wisely. Surely all the anti-homework lobbiests are lining up for Pete Jr. at the behest of his Dad, cashing in all his chits before they're worthless. Show these legacies families the door at the next primary.

Anonymous said...

Sha na na....get a job...wo, wo, wo....
get a job.....!

Go out and get A REAL JOB....Don "Junior" Vallone....
and stop collecting tribute money
you lazy political mobster bum !

Anonymous said...

The Vallone familglia
has been running their political turf
like local mob bosses for decades....
begining with Charlie "The Judge" Vallone!

Why should they stop now!

They'll just move underground and appear
to be going"legit" !

Finding another way to hide
big campaign contributions may prove
to be a more difficult in the future
under the new rules.

But where there's a will..... there's always a way !

Anonymous said...

Pete, in a tux!! Hubba-hubba!

Anonymous said...

How is Vallone doing? Check out this link and pay particular attention to comments by adamwc.

Brilliant stuff.