Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hot sheets hotel?

What kind of tourists will want to stay at a hotel next to a string of junkyards?

Residents worry hotel may become den of prostitution

That's the question community leaders want the hotel's owner to answer at a meeting in November on the new Best Western hotel being constructed off the Sheridan Expressway.

The 64-room Best Western is located on a service road lined with salvage yards. On one side is an auto-wrecking business, on the other, a boiler repair business.

There is not even an expressway exit ramp near the location, which leads critics to wonder how the hotel would attract tourists or motorists.

This has fueled speculation that the hotel either will be used by the city to house the homeless or will become a den of prostitution, known on the streets as a "hot sheet" motel.

The building of hotels and motels in light industrial areas has become such a problem that Borough President Adolfo Carrion has called for a moratorium on such facilities in these areas.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand how this is under everone's radar, especially with our experiences on these places. Remember Manhattan in the 80s? Look how Westway gives the politicians an opportunity to click their tongues in sympathy every few years on that place.

Can't someone write a story about this? How about you Columbia kids?

Anonymous said...

have you seen the new high rise (Marriot?) hotel on Vandam by the Greenpoint Bride and the Silver-Cup East? GRRRR

Anonymous said...

Drove by the Comfort Inn on Maurice Ave. in Maspeth this afternoon. Isn't this the worst possible location for a hotel? No amenities whatsoever around, except a car wash and a cemetery... and rooms start from $179.99 a night??

verdi said...

"Worst Western"..... more likely!