Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ghosts on Roosevelt

The Daily News continues to spotlight the Courier's series:

The Ghost Workers, Part 2


Anonymous said...

No more BS !

It's time for a nationwide responsible
immigration control program
to be put into place....NOW !

Anonymous said...

Attention all Developers!!!! If you start hiring college students and out of work veterans, the illegals will go home. You are the catalyst for keeping them here. I know you would have to pay a little more than the slave salaries you pay now, but everyone here would save money in the long-run.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we do need a nationwide immigration program. Too many illegals are here in New York. (Try not to go to a hospital for an emergency. You are embarking on their doctor's office visit).

Illegal is Illegal. We all suffer.....we all pay.

Anonymous said...

College students and out of work veterans
know their rights.
They can't be tweeded or exploited !