Thursday, December 2, 2021

Wildin' Islanders


CBS New York 

  People living near the new UBS Arena in Nassau County say parking mayhem is driving them crazy.

They say fans going to Islanders games and concerts are taking their cars to the neighborhood streets of Elmont, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Tuesday.

UBS Arena opened amid much fanfare, yet locals say they have been saddled with something they didn’t expect.

“I cannot even get over the sidewalk, over the lawn, to get in because I’m completely boxed in with cars,” homeowner Patricia Romeo said.

Romeo said she has been trying to go to home from the hospital, where she’s a nursing supervisor. She shared videos she has taken of game night or concert night. She claims on Elmont streets there has been chaos and pandemonium, and out-of-control drivers.

She said people have been parking anywhere they want, urinating and cursing.

“They didn’t build a system,” homeowner Sheikh Islam said.

Islam and his family live across from the new arena.

“It’s the 21st century. They can have an app. They know how many people are coming, and they didn’t open the parking lot. They are just like, ‘Oh, I want to make my money,'” Islam said.


georgetheatheist said...

Can you still buy Kool Aid?

Vinnie Goombatz said...

Time to give them the Howard Beach treatment. Leave those garbage cans on the streets.
A few broken tail lights are also good discouragement.

Unknown said...

That's what happens when you make a parking ticket cost less than stadium parking.

Anonymous said...

30 dollars for parking will do that. Hey, for fans that live and pay taxes to the Town of Hempstead, what's wrong with them parking on public streets of the Town of Hempstead? Also, no one will take public transit because with a second person, even paying 30 for parking is cheaper. Welcome to Long Island!

Anonymous said...

Here comes the mass exodus of homeowners in that area if something drastic doesn't change. They need to put up residential parking only in that area or else get ready for a mass exodus. The politicians don't care about how many people vote against a project or vote against a new building going up, they only care about money.

Anonymous said...

See black people own and want to own single family homes and want a nice quality of life too. YIMBY's, Aaron Carr, Open NY think that black people only need charity through free subsidized apartments and don't deserve to attain home ownership.

Anonymous said...

More car totalitarians destroying a neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Car owners a such an over privileged bunch of assholes.

Anonymous said...

Black and brown people drive cars too.

Anonymous said...

"Car owners are such an over privileged bunch of assholes."

So are the real estate developers and the politicians they pay off to get what they want too.