Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Blaz now wants full vaccination status for participating in society

 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio 

NY Daily News

A day after announcing five people in New York State tested positive for COVID’s omicron variant, Mayor de Blasio said Friday he is considering tightening vaccine mandates when it comes to restaurants and concert venues.

Such a mandate could include a second shot of the COVID vaccine, as well as boosters shots.

“With all of our approaches to COVID, we’re going to update them because we’re dealing with some new challenges,” he said. “We’re going to keep updating policies regularly to meet this challenge.”

De Blasio was responding to a question from WNYC’s Brian Lehrer about whether the city would require people seeking to eat indoors or attend concerts to show that they’ve been fully vaccinated — as opposed to providing proof of just one shot, which is the current requirement.

“That will be looked at along with a series of other actions because it’s really dynamic right now,” de Blasio said.

The mayor also pointed out that it is not just omicron he’s concerned about, but the spread of COVID’s delta variant in the winter months as well.

De Blasio, who is contemplating a gubernatorial run next year after he is term-limited out of office as mayor, was speaking a day after appearing alongside Gov. Hochul at City Hall on Thursday to alert New Yorkers that the heavily mutated omicron variant had found its way to the Empire State.

This idiot wanting to do this in the last hours of his abominable reign as mayor confirms that it's his and Davey Chokshi's fault that he elongated the COVID era by letting the Delta variant spread with the initial mandate.


Anonymous said...

This is the only way people will realize these people are bad. They have to see it for themselves.
Let’s go Brandon!!!

Anonymous said...

This has been the worst year I have ever had. I wish that I was living on Mars at this point. I would not have tyrannical cheaters causing me problems.

Anonymous said...

The problem is we need actual opposition that will hold the dnc and powers that be accountable. Not just tweets but actually standing up to these tech companies.

Unknown said...

You're saying he made COVID spread by making people get vaccinated?

You're off the deep end, JQ.

JQ LLC said...


Not at all, I'm saying he and Chokshi made it spread by allowing citizens and visitors to "participate" in NYC society with one vaccination, which does nothing against contagion or infection.

And as omicron as shown, despite the minimal severity it causes, two doses and a booster doesn't work against it either.

This really isn't hard to deduce.

Is this Kathy Hochul?

Anonymous said...


"And as omicron as shown, despite the minimal severity it causes, two doses and a booster doesn't work against it either. "

How do you know all of this when it's way too soon for anybody to know how effective the vaccine(s) and boosters are against it?
This is nothing more than pure speculation.

So what is your solution? You whine about mandates. You whine when people die in senior centers because of no mandates. Now you are whining about "allowing citizens and visitors to "participate" in NYC society".
Are you bi-polar?
Make up your mind for goodness sake what it is you want to complain about.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon or is it Kathy Hochul?

You do know the hysteria about omicron is pure speculation right. And one of the cases resulted in a double vaxxed and booster shot.

As for coming up with solutions, nobody elected me I'm an observer, I never called for mandates in senior centers or anywhere, and if I did it's to mock the ones making the policies which are full of contradictions, which I have conveyed here in this post about the Blaz's foolish intentions to make leisure more restrictive.

And I don't whine.

Anonymous said...

@Are you bi-polar?

You seem to be. What is "fully" vaccinated? What does it mean? x=? shots?

The gig is up pal. Now we know the "vaccines" don't work, we have people that realistically can be taken to court and genocide mass murder charges.
With a disease of a 1% kill rate (if), we have 1224 dead and 42,000+ injured after the first 90 days (1% reporting in VAERS) so the numbers are much higher.
The "virus", the "vaccine", the "PCR" test plus the destruction of the world's economy, supply chain is the cult's wet dream come true. We have seen mass murderers like this before, Adolf is looking with envy from hell, as his final solution pales to what is going on today.
Never again! was the cry then. now we have brainwashed idiots who parrot MSM garbage 24x7. Zero science, zero debate, we don't even know what is in the kill shots.
Sounds a lot like AZT for the AIDS epidemic. The gay community caught on fairly quick to Fauci's lies back then, and we are catching up now to his lies.
He is supported from behind, but when shit hits the fan he will be dangling in the wind like a sorry ass puppet that he is.
As for Bozo, he needs to be in court, plenty of money went missing and he cannot mandate anything. The Federal courts are catching up to this "I make the law and I enforce it" scam.

Anonymous said...

Eight and a half million people and you folks pick this baboon to represent you. Whew. Can't you at least shut him up or have him committed?

Anonymous said...

Few restaurants are checking anyway in fear of being Twitter Canceled if they have to turn anyway any non vaxxed POC.

Anonymous said...

Go Blaz off ! 27 more days of this Dope from Park Slope !

Disgruntled Citizen said...

To summarize -some one posting as Anonymous is giving grief to another poster who is pointing out crap, since this blog is Queens Crap. It’s like a sewer catch basin for all the filth and corruption in this county, sort of like a cess pool. But on the internet. And this Anonymous seems to overlook or forget that fact. You would think they never heard of muck raking.
For someone who is merely anonymous they sure are getting up on a high horse.
With three weeks left of his travesty, our mayor decides to do his best to curtail our liberties further instead of falling over himself to locate warm beds for the elderly, blind, disabled and infirm homeless or secure public safety by crafting emergency policies. All well within his reach. But no, DeBlaz parting shot is more tragedy for NYC.

Anonymous said...

December 31st can't come quick enough !

Anonymous said...

@“ To summarize -some one posting as Anonymous is giving grief to another poster ”

Says someone else posting as anonymous.
Get off your high horse! Commie!

Anonymous said...

@"Eight and a half million people and you folks pick this baboon to represent you"

Excuse me, but Donald Trump isn't a baboon. He's a Trumpanzee.

Anonymous said...

@"To summarize -some one posting as Anonymous is giving grief to another poster who is pointing out crap"

Isn't everyone on this site anonymous? Except to Google.

Anonymous said...

Dear Disgruntled (Anonymous) I wouldn't be so concerned about other anonymous posters when you do it also. Besides, many of the commentaries in our nations founders statements called The Federalist Papers was also done anonymously and later used in establishing our country's U.S. Constitution. Relax and absorb the knowledge.

Pinky said...

Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events
resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections

Anonymous said...

Correct Pinky.

The shameless military grade psychological war on display:

Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.
This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim.

Suuuure..has nothing to do with the kill shots. Is PPSD.

Anonymous said...

@Get off your high horse! Commie!

No horse for you. Bike! E-bike!

Anonymous said...


You really need to fill up that hollow vessel between your ears with something. Sawdust might work.

Anonymous said...

#TDS is still a issue ?

Anonymous said...

Will the homeless drug addicts Deblasio supports and gives free injection sites to be able to participate in society even though many of them are not fully vaccinated?

I am pretty sure they will be given a free pass as usual like the career criminals and homeless sex predators that the woke liberals defend.

Anonymous said...

Vaxx doesn't prevent Covid or its spread. Check out news about cruise ship of vaxxed fools where dozen have contract the new Omi variant. Case numbers since the Vaxx intro have skyrocketed not to mention that all cause deaths in the UK among the vaxxed are double the rate of the unvaxxed. Now the euthanasia crowd wants to jab children. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

How Lockdowns Devastate You While Boosting Billionaires

Anonymous said...

"You're off the deep end, JQ"
Shut up Nazi or move back to Germany !
Lockdowns are Human Rights Abuse.

Homeless Junkie said...

Stop with the profiling and discrimination.I would berate you further but I must run along to the Michelle Obama Memorial Shooting Gallery and Crack Smoking Holding Pen & Lab Rat Dispensary. God Bless America and New York City where heroin and crack dealers become landlords.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to inject Di Stronzo with cyanide already.

Anonymous said...

*You really need to fill up that hollow vessel between your ears with something. Sawdust might work.*

The commie attack dog on display. Stupid as a rock.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Abe Beame in 1977 if I knew that Ed Koch winning will lead to NYC becoming the way it has become.