Friday, December 3, 2021

Lesbian couple tormented by neighbors renting city financed house


A Far Rockaway couple say they’re being harassed by their next-door neighbors who are accused of illegally renting a home purchased through a city program that requires the owners to live there for 25 years.

Dianna and Pam Prashad, who are in the same program, say that means they’re now stuck with “neighbors from hell” — and unable to move elsewhere.

“This home was our happy place,” Dianna Prashad, 45, said of the two-story, blue-and-white semi-attached home in Edgemere that she bought in 2007.

But since March 2020, just as the pandemic lockdown went into effect, the Prashads say they’ve faced harassment — including anti-gay slurs — from tenants next door. The neighbors moved in after the owner relocated to Delaware despite the requirement that she stay in the home for 25 years, the Prashads say.

The couple said they are receiving “constant threats” from the next-door neighbors, who they believe are targeting them because of their sexuality.

The alleged harassment began soon after the new tenants moved in, according to the Prashads. The couple say they called the police on April 22, 2020 after their next-door neighbors allegedly threatened to assault Pam while she was outside her home, they said.

“Come and get this ass-whooping, d---,” one neighbor allegedly yelled at Pam Prashad.

Another time, the same tenant said of Pam, “that b---- needs a good ass-whupping,” the couple said.

In April, the tenants began yelling at the couple for no apparent reason as they planted flowers in front of their home, according to footage captured on the Prashads’ security camera and reviewed by THE CITY.

“We’ve been directly targeted,” Pam Prashad, 50, said.


NPC_translator said...

"Dianna Prashad purchased her house through a first-time home buyer program administered by the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development"

Why is the government involved in housing AT ALL? It shouldn't be. We'd save a lot of problems if government at all levels got out of the housing business.

Yeah yeah, I know it's never going to happen. That doesn't mean it shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how much better this would have been if everyone involved would have been allowed to openly carry guns? The neighbors could have threatened to shoot Dianna and Pam, too. And the victims of the harassment might have been forced to shoot back - lots of bloodshed. Yep, guns make everything better. This message was paid for by your local gun rights nuts.

Anonymous said...

In NYC and other Blue Shitholes the Sheeple are forced to be victims.
Pollsters Issue DIRE Warning for Demorats they are Failing So Bad That Republican Red Wave Seems Guaranteed !
Lets Go Brandon !

Anonymous said...

@"Imagine how much better this would have been"
Scmuck, I don't have to Imagine Shit. I remember NYC and the U.S. being a much safer place to live and raise my family before the Left destroyed the Justice System !

Anonymous said...

You can't evict anyone in NYC. The Prashads have likely voted D on every election, and the Ds have made it impossible to evict. I feel bad for the Prashads but a lot of these issues are own-goals by the Ds. Government should be able to pluck out the racist neighbors.

Anonymous said...

@Why is the government involved in housing AT ALL?

Because that's how communism works.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, who cares. The whole place will be under water in a few years.

Fuck Donald Trump!

Anonymous said...

@Fuck Donald Trump!

Can we do you instead? Since you are younger.

Anonymous said...

"The whole place will be under water in a few years" Ok Greta boy...
Lets Go Brandon !

Disgruntled Citizen said...

The neighbors from hell were placed there by DHS workers because the landlord got an entire years rent all at once. They were certified homeless to get free rent for a year. All of Rockaway is being decimated by this program.

Anonymous said...

Corn pop was a very bad man!