Saturday, December 18, 2021

Governor hires homeless non-profit fixer to lead rent relief agency

 City Limits

 Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday nominated longtime homeless services administrator Daniel Tietz to lead the state agency tasked with overseeing New York’s tapped-out rent relief fund and administering key social service programs amid an historic homelessness crisis.

Tietz, a policy expert, nonprofit head and former top official in New York City’s Department of Social Services under Mayor Bill de Blasio, would become commissioner of the state’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). He has most recently served as a fixer for two of the city’s problem-plagued service organizations.

In February, he took control of the Bronx Parent Housing Network following the arrest of the group’s CEO on corruption charges and a New York Times investigation that revealed allegations of sexual assault and coercion against residents of the group’s women’s shelters. A year earlier, a state judge appointed Tietz to steer scandal-scarred shelter provider Childrens’ Community Services after its administrators were accused of defrauding the city through a network of phony subcontractors.

Tietz’s nomination as OTDA commissioner was confirmed by Hochul’s office ahead of a formal announcement Wednesday. Tietz did not respond to multiple calls, emails and direct messages, but he describes his leadership perspective in his exhaustive LinkedIn profile.

“With me are high-performing teams and diverse constituencies whom I rally around shared goals,” Tietz wrote.

Several advocates and policy experts who spoke with City Limits ahead of Hochul’s announcement described Tietz as an effective administrator who isn’t afraid to clean house—even if that means making some enemies.

“He doesn’t suffer fools,” said one veteran advocate who has worked with Tietz and asked to remain anonymous. Another called him “abrasive” but “competent and committed to” low-income New Yorkers.

If confirmed as commissioner, Tietz would take over OTDA’s vacant leadership position. Former agency head Michael Hein resigned in October following a creaky rollout of the state’s $2.4 billion Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) and the departure of his boss, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Tietz would oversee ERAP at an especially challenging moment: The state’s eviction protections will expire on Jan. 15, but OTDA has allocated or earmarked nearly all of its rental assistance funds. Hochul and OTDA decided to shut down the application portal last month and now face a lawsuit filed by the Legal Aid Society demanding that the state resume accepting applications.

Hochul is seeking about $1 billion in additional funds to cover unpaid landlords, and the state could soon redistribute $250 million of the existing fund that has yet to be claimed or sent to landlords.


Anonymous said...

Why do they keep putting people into these "high profile" positions when they CLEARLY can't even do their jobs correctly? Its very pitiful.

Anonymous said...

The last time we had inflation this bad, Joe Biden was still in office.

Anonymous said...

She needs to hire a better hair dye dresser.

Anonymous said...

Only way to cull homeless and lunatics is to stop welcoming them here.
Stop all the free stuff and sanctuary bullshit. Our subways are literally being used as toilets.
The only thing free should be one happy meal and bus ticket back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

It's not Frau. Hochul's hair dye that is the issue——but, what's underneath it: A crooked, entrenched, DemonRat brain that is programmed to destroy freedom and democracy like a Scud missile in flight!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the state hires Shams Da Baron aka Da Homeless Hero aka Ramon Buford to handle housing issues.

Anonymous said...

@"DemonRat brain that is programmed to destroy freedom and democracy like a Scud missile in flight!"

Democrats destroying freedom and democracy ? Are you for real? The right wing fascists have been undermining voting rights all over red America, because they know they cannot win otherwise.
As for freedom, you only have to read right wing-nut comments here to see how much right-wing nuts hate freedoms. Guilty till proven innocent is #1 on right-wing agenda.
No health care for the poor is #2 on the right wing agenda. No right to a fair trial is #3 on the right wing agenda.
"Freedoms" my ass. Right wing-nuts wouldn't know freedoms if they landed on their oversized, fat at heads.

Anonymous said...

She needs to hire a better hair dye dresser.

Or a plastic surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Democrats destroying freedom and democracy one mind at a time !
I never met a right wing fascists in my life. Where are they under your bed ?

Anonymous said...

The right wing fascists - SAYS THE COMMUNIST PIG.

Anonymous said...

@No right to a fair trial is #3 on the right wing agenda.

Complain to your Democrats buddy. You know the ones who give us headlines like this

"NYC pays $17M in three Queens wrongful conviction cases amid fears about prosecutor misconduct — ‘Some people get framed’"

Or is it the right wing fascists in your delusional mind?

You want something? Go work for it commie.

Anonymous said...

She's been the best Governor of NY for quite some time. If lots of dipshit right wing nuts leave on her account, then she'll be the best.

Prove me wrong ...

Anonymous said...

She's been the best Governor of NY for quite some time.

Do tell. How many months exactly? Good performance given the fact she was NOT ELECTED.

Anonymous said...

To 7th Anonymous from bottom: If you still foolishly believe that the tax-and-spend DemonRats ——the same ones who approved of the incendiary destruction of the burning tent cities of Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and many other imploding decisions that destroyed ALL pretense of freedom and democracy, then it's your brain chemistry that is also permanently damaged from neo-liberalism as well, joker.

This whole ravaged nation (of societal collapse by a government of WILLFULLY failed leadership from WITHIN) is a coup; a planned-and-sanctioned cesspool of never-ending beggary, obscurity, taxation WITHOUT representation, taxation WITH CITATION, cultural stripping, lack of identity, low information, low IQ, government installed, DNC corporate fascist (not nationalist) reeducation camp henchmen (obsessively beholden to the oligarchy to whom determines their political life spans and paychecks for life), that only reinforces the politically ignorant, plebeian role as a 'Useful Idiot' and a terminal cog (in a grinding, American middle class-crushing wheel of tyranny, Third Worldism, corporate greed, corporate wage slavery, five decades of corporate outsourcing and corporate welfare for billionaires, ALL of which continues to betray public trust and accountable leadership with impunity), or maybe you're simply another DNC, right of center apologist who blames the 'OTHER' Republican Party-machine-failed duopoly for equally shared, systemic fail, which continually shifts power back and forth over the past hundred years between two failed systems of corporate obedient government bodies that reward and empower both wings of the same diseased bird.

Why would anyone willfully believe that either failed party is worth defending when the blindfully obedient defenders themselves were never invited to the dinner table in the first place——only clueless prey on the menu?

❝The brilliance of Bill Clinton is that he transformed the Democratic Party into the Republican Party, and he pushed the Republican Party so far to the right——it went insane.❞ ——Chris Hedges

❝The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door.❞ ——Ralph Nader

❝The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed themselves.❞ ——Simone de Beauvoir

Anonymous said...

@"I never met a right wing fascists in my life. Where are they under your bed ?"

Look in a mirror, if it can handle the pain. You'll see a right wing fascist pig staring right back at ya!