Thursday, December 16, 2021

Slow bus coming

 NY Daily News

Buses move slower than when Mayor de Blasio first took office in 2014, a sorry statistic that highlights his administration’s failure to rein in New York City’s notoriously congested streets during eight years in office.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority data released this week show the agency’s buses across the five boroughs averaged a speed of 8 mph last month, down from 8.2 mph in January 2015, the first month the MTA began publishing citywide bus speeds.


“The buses have gotten slower,” said Mario Rodriguez, 61, a museum security guard, as he waited for the M101 bus on Amsterdam Ave. in Harlem Tuesday. “I ride them four times a day so I’ve seen them slow down over time. It takes an hour to get from my home uptown to Midtown.”

While the MTA is responsible for operating transit buses and depots, it’s up to city agencies to ensure they have a clear path to travel.

The city Department of Transportation under de Blasio has installed 67.8 miles of the city’s 141.7 miles of active bus lanes, DOT officials said. The DOT has also installed six new “busways” — or streets where most passenger car travel is banned during certain times of the day.

MTA data show those efforts worked. A busway installed on Main St. in Flushing, Queens earlier this year correlated with bus speed increases of up to 51% during peak periods.

But the mayor’s efforts to ensure lanes aren’t blocked have been limited to a select few major thoroughfares, while most buses that carry some 1 million New Yorkers a day still crawl along their routes, said Ben Fried, a spokesman for TransitCenter, an analysis and advocacy group.

“The decline of bus speeds on the network as a whole is swamping the gains from the busways,” said Fried. “We have a few islands of good bus priority in an ocean of increasing traffic and parking violations.”

That sentiment was shared by Stacy Britton, 56 a health educator who travels all five boroughs for work.

“The bus lanes actually make things slower,” Britton said as she waiting for the crosstown Bx19 bus on W. 145th St. “They are always blocked by people.”


NPC_translator said...

What about the impact of bike lanes?

Anonymous said...

All going has planned

Anonymous said...

On the bright side at least Di Stronzo didn't ban all buses as they burn evil gasoline. A 3rd term for this assclown might have seen this come to pass they way his diseased mind operates.

Anonymous said...

Streets are like driving on the moon, Like the trains many of those busses are falling apart and losing power already
After only 8,000 miles I need ball joints, front end bushings replaced and wheel alignment (again) when I should last at least 60K miles on GMC 4X4.
Its going to cost me over $1200 not including a $300 a year insurance increase due to all the lousy drivers and uninsured bike lane related accidents.
Can NASA and Grumman still make those electric Lunar Rovers and Landers out on Long Island?
We need them !

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Buses...
A group of "Teens", including one wielding a hammer, beat up a 67-year-old man

Anonymous said...

Too many dumb-ass lazy cops park their cars right in the middle of bus lanes, just because they can.

Anonymous said...

No shit buses are moving slower. There's more traffic than ever (even where there are no bike lanes to be found) because more and more people are driving. Everybody driving their own car is just not sustainable.

Anonymous said...

After only 8,000 miles I need ball joints, front end bushings replaced and wheel alignment (again)
LOL maybe try driving more carefully. I drive an 11 year old Honda on city streets for all 11 years and don't have any of those issues.
The really funny part is you think that the slow buses are from the buses losing power. They're stuck in traffic!!

Anonymous said...

A group of "Teens",
Yeah, a group I'm sure.
You need a gun Taser, Kevlar gloves & vest to ride or walk anything MTA. I'm not sure if castle doctrine apples on a bus. If your cornered and believe its life or death with no means to "retreat and de-escalate first" castle doctrine protection should apply.
Better judged by 12 then carried by six and that's not the end of it BTW. Your family and estate could be stuck with a $100,000 or more hospital bill + another $200,000 lawyer fees in 7 year probate court battle with City Hall.

This SOB bastard mayor and lawmakers in Albany belong in jail if they love criminals that much. This "no bail" free for all Planet Of The Apes bullshit has to stop!!

Anonymous said...

Get those car zealots off the road.

Anonymous said...

@"A group of "Teens", including one wielding a hammer, beat up a 67-year-old man"

NY Post ? Fake news !

Anonymous said...

@"Fake news" Like CNN, MSLSD, NY Times and HuffPost !
Get a Fact Checker nimwitt...
"A slackjawed moron who self righteously complains and whines about "difficult" things. Usually puts itself in a position where complaint receiver can't point out nimwit's stupidity"