Thursday, December 23, 2021

The NYC Luxury Public Housing Connection


Impunity City 

 With a month to go until the eviction moratorium expires on January 15th (Martin Luther King’s birthday, SMDFH), hundreds of thousands of city residents will either repay their debts to their landlords or probably get evicted from their apartment aka homes. As this crisis gets closer with each passing second and as the weather gets colder, the other and brighter side of life in New York Fucking City should not got unacknowledged…

Good news every tenant in New York City, THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH AGAIN!. Truly a monumental event and a sign that the recovery for all of us that Mayor de Blasio has been repetitively been talking about is about to come to fruition, at least for those that count. Meaning those that are able to count what little savings they have. Because if the rents are going up again, surely this trend will trickle down to the perpetually housing insecure via the city’s Housing New York program to build and preserve affordable housing for the city’s desperate and downtrodden who pay 1/3 of their check in rent right?

Of course not. As I pointed out last year of an apartment building in west Soho (which is called Hudson Square now to make it even nichier), The Blaz’s affordable housing program is a fucking ruse and a hoax. And now after 8 years of “affordable housing”development usually sprouting in establish gentrification colonizer Brooklyn nabes like Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint and even in Queens enclaves like Astoria, Rockaway, Long Island City and quasi/pseudo-Brooklyn nabe Ridgewood, this inequitable farce and impossible to win lottery city program has sprouted in the most unlikeliest of towns in Southside Queens, Ozone Park.

When the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the debut and opened the lottery for this building this year in March, it was quite a surprised to see it still looked like this three months later.



Now why would the owners and management of this “affordable housing” building advertise it with an private agency contact when it’s on the city government’s Housing Connect website? And what’s more outlandishly egregious is why it’s being advertised as “Luxury” which is not only misleading but wholly antithetical to de Blasio’s and his housing and preservation department lackeys intent to bring housing equity to the long suffering housing insecure, homeless, rent burdened citizens and gentrification refugees of New York City?

But since this is so eye catching, lets take a look at what kind of luxury the developers are peddling here with this.

Nothing defines luxury than a balcony, even if there is barely room for two people to stand on.

 Now I’m not an architect, but placing these HVAC’s on the pavement really looks like a massive shit idea and makes me wonder what the developers were thinking when they gave this the o.k. or even if they were in the board room when this was designed. I also wonder if the LLC even visited this site or even this state or country as this was being built.



Anonymous said...

Eight years of BS from the Clown Mayor.
JQ the Mitchell-Lama program is not a bad housing option. The Unions need to push this again and build new units like the Big Six for NYC working class people.

Anonymous said...

Inspection History for Job 421923244
Page: 1 of 1
Premises: 86-15 ROCKAWAY BOULEVARD QUEENS Job No: 421923244
BIN: 4188326 Block: 9058 Lot: 18 Job Type: NB - NEW BUILDING
001 07/16/2021 4-21-03075 V - WORK ORDER VOIDED 00/00/0000
001 08/13/2021 4-21-03559 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 08/13/2021 2896
001 08/27/2021 4-21-03853 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 08/27/2021 2838
001 08/27/2021 4-21-03855 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 08/27/2021 2838
001 08/27/2021 4-21-03856 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 08/27/2021 2838
001 08/27/2021 4-21-03857 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 08/27/2021 2838
001 10/14/2021 4-21-04545 A - OUTST. OBJECTIONS 10/14/2021 2838
001 11/05/2021 4-21-04831 C - SIGNOFF FINAL C/O 11/05/2021 2260

Anonymous said...

DOB Objections for 86-15 Rockaway Blvd.

Anonymous said...

everything's too damn high. I'm gonna stop buying groceries and eat out of garbage cans. Thanks Joe.

Anonymous said...

This is all Biden's fault.

Gino said...

placing these HVAC’s on the pavement really looks like a massive shit idea

It, is and its because of shit computer design to be cheap and stamped out to make the most units possible.
The parts of the building are all the same components.
For example with these lego "cookie cutter shitboxes" the façade curtain wall pieces on the bottom floor are also used on the top floors. If you placed the HVAC atop the windows you would then have 2 options
1-use smaller windows
2-Make higher ceilings to fit the HVACs
3-Go with a a single large central HVAC compressor and expander unit. However with central you cant have separate the electric bills. Single units place the AC costs on the tenants individual electric bill.
These prefab kit shitboxes are for making $$$ with the lowest investment, lowest skilled labor and maintenance possible.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of commies here pushing for big government to build houses and make things “more affordable “.
Get a life. Let the free market sort it all out. Build baby build!!

Anonymous said...

Yes... Mitchell Lama was excellent program!

Anonymous said...

This is luxury housing ?
The government builds whole neighborhood, rows of 100s of the same shit in Ukraine, to house all the poor, sick, disabled. The apartments come with canned fish and crackers.
The North Koreans Russians have their version and fancy names for this shit but I forgot what they call it.

Anonymous said...

everything's too damn high. I'm gonna stop buying groceries and eat out of garbage cans.

You might be surprised to hear is a line there also.

Anonymous said...

It's funny anyone would consider living in Ozone Park Luxury living.
I though this was a joke . What a crap hole.
Be smart and leave NY or at least Queens.

Anonymous said...

How Democrats Cause Homelessness and Poop on the Street
Interview with Michael Shellenberger

Anonymous said...

@"Interview with Michael Shellenberger"

Fake news from fake contributor!

steppes of central islip said...

Calzone park ...
Worse commute to Manhattan than Suffolk county but none of the benefits. WTF is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

@"Fake news from fake contributor"
The only thing fake is your hypothetical twisted reality!

Anonymous said...

The Michael Shellenberger interveiw is so good.
Thanks for sharring it ...

Anonymous said...

Here Gino, entertain yourself with the CCP style construction results.

(You were right)


Apartment building:

Anonymous said...

Those are dorm rooms, with big LED panels that can be any mood you like.