Monday, December 6, 2021

Ring of fire at Hoyt Playground

Hoyt Playground Fire @CitizenApp

24-32 31st St Yesterday 10:08:31 PM EST


Anonymous said...

The liberal/Democrat agenda has always been to transform the city into the movie Escape From New York. They are succeeding.

Anonymous said...

25 days left in the reign of terror. He and his progressive minions have destroyed this city

Anonymous said...

This is all Biden’s fault I presume.

Anonymous said...

You notice how the politicians never have money to fund organizations whose purpose is not to give them a photo op as their money is given not to help New York or New Yorkers but is disbursed with the intention at trying to gather votes form some targeted group, but if you want sticker shock take a look at the millions that goes into each small park project: millions are given as pork back to the sydicates that run construction firms and made campaign donations to get on the list.

The sad things is that these overly expensive fussy designed concoctions fall apart almost immediatly as there is at best prefuctionary maintance with rotund welfare moms doing little more than raking leaves and emptying the trash. Sometimes the local envirnmental groups come in giving the local pol yet another photo op with the green set.

Two years after millions were sunk in, the park again looks like a dump. And the cycle is repeated with your taxes each cycle growing by 20% in costs.