Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Urbanish parasite

Anna Doré and Isaac Goldberg have lived in three of the eight apartments on the fifth floor of their building. “I still catch myself making a right out of the elevator when I need to be making a left,” Mr. Goldberg said. 

NY Times

Isaac Goldberg was working on the 2014 re-election campaign of Representative Steve Israel, Democrat of Huntington, N.Y., when he decided to have a party in his Astoria, Queens, apartment. He sent out a mass invite to everyone working on campaigns for Democrats on Long Island.

Anna Doré didn’t know Mr. Goldberg, but she was helping out with another campaign, heard about the party and decided to go. Ms. Doré, who works in public relations, has spent only five months of the last seven years working in politics. But that short window of time just happened to coincide with Mr. Goldberg’s party. “It was very much kismet,” she said.

It was also 90 degrees when she arrived, and most of the partygoers were circled around the air-conditioning unit, nursing Jell-O shots to keep cool. Campaign posters, an American flag and a 1996 Yankees championship poster adorned the walls. “The décor was definitely in need of some love and affection,” Ms. Doré said.

Surrounded by a mix of memorabilia, election talk and spiked refreshment, she and Mr. Goldberg found each other. One spark led to another and, seven years later, they are married and living in the same building where they met.

“We joke that Anna came to a party at my apartment and hasn’t left since,” Mr. Goldberg said. The joke is only partially true: While the couple has stayed in the building, they are living in their third apartment there — all on the same floor.

It was just a few months into their relationship when Ms. Doré moved in with Mr. Goldberg. She had been living on the Upper East Side, but fate forced her hand when a 4 a.m. fire broke out in her building. “Isaac raced over and came to the rescue,” she said, “even though we were just newly dating.”

She stayed with him that night, and the next day her building was condemned. Sharing the one-bedroom with Mr. Goldberg quickly evolved from a short-term fix to a long-term commitment.

“I didn’t want to be burned into living together,” Ms. Doré said. “But it worked out.”

In 2019, after the couple married at the Queens Museum, they envisioned themselves remaining in the second apartment for years to come. But then, Covid.

With both of them working from home, Ms. Doré set up a makeshift office in the bedroom. “I was sharing a wall with Isaac in his office,” she said. “As a political consultant, Isaac tends to talk on the phone all day.”

Investing in noise-canceling headphones helped “preserve our sanity,” she said, but it soon became clear that they needed a more permanent fix.

They thought the day had finally come when they would move into another building. Over a couple of months, they looked at 10 apartments in 10 buildings, sticking to Astoria for their search.

They are, by Mr. Goldberg’s admission, “Astoria obsessed.” For more than two years, Ms. Doré ran a locally focused Instagram account, WeHeartAstoria.

“I started to love the neighborhood through that lens,” she said. “We knew we didn’t want to leave.”

For his part, Mr. Goldberg is attracted to Astoria’s livability and working-class feel: “There’s the joke that the two hardest things to find in Astoria are doormen and dishwashers.”

 Might as well leave this here. Mr. Goldberg happens to work for Berlin Rosen, the consultant lobby that donated robustly to Bill de Blasio's campaign and his illegal 501c4 PAC "Campaign for One New York" as "agents of the city"



Anonymous said...

Is this another anti Israel article?

NPC_translator said...

Who cares. By the way, Steve Israel of Long Island is so stupid that it's hard to imagine he can even feed himself.

Chester the Dog said...


Anonymous said...

@"Mr. Goldberg happens to work for Berlin Rosen, the consultant lobby that donated robustly to Bill de Blasio's campaign and his illegal 501c4 PAC"

Well, you may as well include any New Yorker who works for a corporation. They're all crooked, dishonest and give lots of $$$$ to other crooks. The whole concept of a corporation is crooked.

Anonymous said...

Always thought that 'We Heart Astoria' was never 'We Are Astoria'.

'nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Great story.

One question, did they fix the door?

Anonymous said...

He looks like your typical douchebro in NYC politics.

Anonymous said...

Is this another anti Israel article?

Try harder shill.

Anonymous said...

Not that interesting, just a bunch of nitwits. They will be divorced in 3 years.

Anonymous said...

How parasites multiply whilst feeding off of 'OTHER' people's money. The corruption, graft and monstrous greed are never-ending. The system cannot be fixed by the system!

I Heart Astoria . . . Not said...

That photo shows a "spacious" kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Before I read the comments I thought this was a story everyone would like. Politics aside.

JQ LLC said...

@Chester re:and

I'm just saying who his employer is and what that lobby has done. Not accusing the person of anything nefarious at all, Berlin is a big company.

And I wouldn't have to say this if de Blasio didn't hide the public record from people.


Scott said...

mr Goldberg speaks of the “working class feel” of Astoria. People like him don’t have a clue what working class feels like

Anonymous said...

The wonders of reading before you react...

JQ LLC said...

@Anonymous re: react

You should see Crappy's tweet about this.

Adriatic Hillbilly said...

Hopefully this pair of ass gaskets will NOT reproduce...

Anonymous said...

@Is this another anti Israel article?

How did you come up with this gem?
Did not know Astoria was in Israel, better yet who is criticizing what exactly?

Anonymous said...

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Fine. I'll ban them.

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