Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Breakfast with Tiffany

Queens Post 

Tiffany Cabán will be sworn into the City Council Wednesday to fill the vacant Astoria seat.

Cabán, a former public defender, will be sworn in by the City Clerk at noon — a month ahead of other council members-elect in order to fill the District 22 vacancy left by former Council Member Costa Constantinides.

District 22 — made up of Astoria, Rikers Island along with parts of Jackson Heights, Woodside and East Elmhurst — has been unrepresented in the council for nearly eight months since Constantinides left office on April 9 to take a job in the nonprofit sector.

Cabán, who had significant name recognition following her near-victory in the 2019 Queens district attorney race, will take over after winning both the June Democratic primary and November general election for the position.

She took 62.79 percent of in-person votes in the general election — ahead of Republican Felicia Kalan who took 31.1 percent and Green Party candidate Edwin DeJesus who took 5.84 percent.

Cabán, a staunch progressive, was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America and a number of high-profile elected officials during her campaign. She earned the first-choice endorsement of Constantinides ahead of the primary as well as the backings of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Wednesday’s ceremony will be largely procedural and will be followed by a celebratory inauguration event on Dec. 15 at the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens, where Constantinides is now CEO.



Anonymous said...

I hate Kats but am glad this one is not district attorney

Anonymous said...

God Help New York !

NPC_translator said...

How do we elect total idiots like this dolt?

The Commies Are Here! said...

Astoria is now fucked - royally.

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahah bahahahahah bahahahahah the Sheeple have spoken !

Anonymous said...

"will be followed by a celebratory inauguration event on Dec. 15 at the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens, where Constantinides is now CEO."

This does not pass the stink test

Anonymous said...

Yay! Another Commiecrat who will spend 50 or more years in office destroying the nation while enriching herself. Just what this banana republic really needs.

Anonymous said...

She will be BFF with Paladino in the Council

Anonymous said...

Astoria is now fucked - royally.

After the Vallones and Costa they get what they deserved. They are all still living on some mountain village in south Italy or a Greek island cut off from the outside world.

Remember 'Mediterranean Hillbillies'?

The problem is their poor choices are now our problems too.

Anonymous said...

Well this is what we get when the neighborhood has been absorbed by the hipsters and other assorted malcontents. Try hopping on NextDoor sometime. These snowflakes complain about wind chimes.

Anonymous said...

@NPC_translator "How do we elect total idiots like this dolt?"

It's collective hypnosis controlled by a mind virus !
The program dosn't work on everyone.

Vitamin C For Me said...

What a puss face. Looks like you could grind citrus fruit on her schnozz.

Anonymous said...

What's her bio? Who indoctrinated her? Any info much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

@"Astoria is now fucked - royally"
All of NY is fucked by these Commie Bastards...

Anonymous said...

Lefturds "When in doubts, pick what hurts the US!"

Anonymous said...

@Lefturds "When in doubts, pick what hurts the US!"@

LefTURDS™ is the correct form :) :) :)

Let's Go Brandon™

Anonymous said...

Cabán ��

***What's her bio? Who indoctrinated her? Any info much appreciated.***

Read her bio here:

As far as support, she is part of the Uncle George supported insane. mentally deranged, identity crisis wannabes.

Cabán’s individual committee did not receive any contributions of more than $1,000, according to the 24-hour notices, but two organizations working on her behalf did.

The Working Families Party received a $70,000 contribution from Justice and Public Safety PAC, which is funded by billionaire George Soros. (Meanwhile, Soros’ son gave Lasak $5,000).

Developer Allen Fertik supplied $10,000 to the WFP.

Better Prosecutors for New York, which bought TV ads supporting Cabán, received $35,000 from Michael Hoffman. City & State reported that Hoffman is a Brooklyn software engineer.

Woke prosecutors – with Soros’ money

The push for Cabán to win in New York is part of a nationwide effort by the left to infiltrate and radically reform the criminal justice system from within. Otherwise quiet local DA races have become prime targets in the left’s agenda — and it’s not a conspiracy theory: Cabán is just one of several “woke prosecutors” who have claimed power, often with the backing of Soros’s Justice and Public Safety PAC, according to The New American.
Many of these prosecutors share a philosophy of prosecuting criminals less while targeting police. They tend to see crime as a “public health” problem, like polluted water or a disease epidemic, rather than an act of wrongdoing by an individual with free will. To them, the solution to crime is not to punish wrongdoers, but to target “oppressive” authorities that are blamed for crime instead — like the police, the wealthy, and so on.
A recent national controversy involving “woke prosecutors” dealt with Chicago’s Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx, who dropped charges against hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett. Soros poured $408,000 into Foxx’s election.
In Philadelphia, Soros-backed DA Larry Krasner has been blamed for a rise in violent crime in his city. The city’s police union has accusedKrasner of prejudice in favor of criminals and against police and victims of violence. Krasner, who backed Cabán, received nearly $1.5 million from Soros.
Soros also poured more than $1 million into two recent local DA races in Virginia through his Justice and Public Safety PAC. On June 11, Parisa Dehghani-Tafti and Steve Descano unseated the incumbents in the Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, respectively.
Indeed, if confirmed, Cabán’s victory is just the latest win for Soros in an effort to replace law and order with chaos. How long can we let this continue?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Caban bio/funding update. Now we watch.

Anonymous said...

No more subway fares. Everyone hop over the turnstiles! Great exercise and this Bolshevik Bimbo will have your backs.

Andrew Cuomo said...

She doesn't seem too good in the tits department. Perhaps I should have endorsed John Ciafone.