Monday, December 27, 2021

Community board rejects luxury public housing building to replace tower diner

Queens Post  

Queens Community Board 6 rejected a developer’s rezoning application that seeks to replace a popular Rego Park diner and synagogue on Queens Boulevard with a 15-story mixed-use building.

The board, which represents the neighborhoods of Rego Park and Forest Hills, voted 20 to 19 against the plan during a virtual meeting on Dec. 8.

The plan calls for the demolition of several buildings on a large triangular block — occupied by the Tower Diner, Ohr Natan Synagogue and various small businesses — to make way for apartments and retail space.

The application, submitted by RJ Capital Holdings, proposes constructing a 153,400-square-foot building at 98-81 Queens Blvd that would include 17,400 square feet of retail space and 144 units — 44 of which would be “affordable” pursuant to the city’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing requirement. The plan requires the site to be rezoned and therefore must be approved by the city before it can move forward.

However, neither the community board nor the city can stop RJ Capital from demolishing the buildings — and putting up a new development — since the property is not landmarked. The community board is only able to provide a yes or no recommendation on the developer’s upzoning plans, not its demolition plans.

RJ Capital can build an apartment complex — albeit smaller — as of right. In fact, the company said it would construct a 103-unit building with zero affordable apartments if its rezoning application were to be rejected.

The local community board is the first to review and vote on the plan in the process used by the city to assess rezoning applications — the Uniform Land Use Review Process.

Next, it goes to the borough president, who offers his own recommendation on the plan.

Both Community Board 6’s vote and Richards’ future recommendation are only advisory. The City Council has the ultimate say as to whether RJ Capital’s rezoning application gets approved.

The advisory recommendations, however, do influence how the city council votes.


georgetheatheist said...

Donovan Richards. We are watching. What say you?

Anonymous said...

" The City Council has the ultimate say as to whether RJ Capital’s rezoning application gets approved."
The City Council always defers to the recommendation of the local council member.

Unknown said...

The community board?...I'm sure the developer is shaking in their boots.

Anonymous said...

That's a pity. I liked the design.

Anonymous said...

Please, community boards have zero power. If any Member recieved $$$$ The Building will be built . I promise you that .

Anonymous said...

Build baby build...yes in your backyard!

Anonymous said...

Of course, it will be built. That will be the fate of all Queens Blvd properties.

Cav said...

"Donovan Richards. We are watching. What say you?"

I can easily imagine Donovan having a good laugh at this. Watch away, champ and what the fuck else are ya gonna do about it? You think the peasants and slaves of this borough would dare vote him out of office? Nobody in power takes any of this "hold my beer" talk seriously as it's over-used and there's neither the will nor a way to back any of it up.

I wouldn't be surprised if his response was a simple middle finger gesture as he continues to follow his overlord's dictates and agendas.

Donald Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

"Donovan Richards. We are watching."

That skell is bought and paid for, this abomination will get built...

Somebody once said to me the borough president does nothing, has no power etc etc.

They DO have the power to fu@k up neighborhoods and this dirt bag uses it. He has campaign contributors to pay off..

Anonymous said...

Only commies hate new job creating development and progress!