Thursday, April 2, 2020

President Trump sends protective supplies to the NYPD after they begged for it.

NY Post

 White House officials sprung into action on Monday after receiving an “SOS” email from the NYPD begging for protective equipment — delivering the frontline gear just 16 hours later, The Post has learned.

In a mission dubbed “Operation Blue Bloods,” President Donald Trump’s equipment czar Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy, cobbled together a rapid-response team including company executives who flew thousands of full-body suits on a private plane the next day.

More than 6,000 gallons of hand sanitizer donated by alcohol company Pernod Ricard were also rushed from Arizona by a USPS trucker in 48 hours.

With a mounting number of bodies left in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, reports have emerged of homicide detectives being forced to make house calls without the correct protective equipment — potentially exposing them to the virus.

A desperate email from NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan asking for gear to protect Big Apple Finest — of whom more than 1,400 have tested positive for COVID-19 — landed in Navarro’s inbox on Monday, he said.

After being named the national Defense Production Act coordinator last week, Navarro called on executives at defense companies Raytheon and General Dynamics, and Pernod Richard, to step up.

 I just want to add one more thing to this post.

Navarro said the mission was an example of private companies heeding the call during the pandemic which has so far infected more than 216,000 people in the U.S. and killed over 5,100, according to Johns Hopkins University.

“What we’ve been trying to do under President Trump’s leadership is to wed the full force of federal government with the full power of private enterprise,” he said.

Is the Trump administration acknowledging...socialism???


Anonymous said...

You’re insane if you think this is an example of socialism.

Anonymous said...

Trump blasts Schumer

Anonymous said...

and what did de Blasio and Cuomo do? Aren't they supposed to take care of the city and state?

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: insane.

It's also an example of Moussolin era fascism.

Too bad the trains aren't running on time anymore.

Anonymous said...

They did nothing Anon. And know everyone knows what frauds they are

Anonymous said...

@#1 "You’re insane if you think this is an example of socialism."
You are right 100% but you can't fix Krazy. There is no good reason to run bad news for political gain or hits for your Blog during this crisis !
We need to work together in this time of intense difficulty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've seen so many left-wing sites blaming Trump for this shortage even though it's (obviously) not true. Can't fix stupid ...

Anonymous said...

It's all about the Benjamin's

Florida official says 3M is selling face masks to foreign countries instead of his state amid COVID-19 crisis !
From the company that gave you Scotch Guard /Post Notes

It's time to bring back hanging traitors. People selling medical supplies to other countries should be hung as the traitors that they are.

Anonymous said...

While Trump did not say the Corona Virus was a hoax, he did state this:

During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats' criticism of his administration's response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying "this is their new hoax." During the speech he also seemed to downplay the severity of the outbreak, comparing it to the common flu.

So while he did not say it was a hoax, he did not take this virus serioulsy and downplayed it. PLUS and this is a biggie that does not get enough airplay, he disbanded three years ago the Pandemic agency and did not follow the playback for an outbreak handed to him from the previous administration.

Trump and his administration has turned this into probably one of the worst handling of any crisis due to incompetence, not believing in science or listening to experts and ignoring reports last year that the administration received with what was going on in China. There is no leadership at the Federal level and it is all about states fending for themselves.

This is not politicizing or taking sides, these is plain facts and observations of how this administration has bumbled this at every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

"It's also an example of Moussolin era fascism."
Goebbels and the CCP would be so proud of you...

JQ LLC said...

Joe McCartney and Morton Downey Jr. would be proud of you too last anon.

@Anon re: Bad news

What does it say when the NYPD has to beg for supplies to do their job without fear of contraction?

No one is innocent here, that's why the Blaz and Cuomo are still going to get dutifully trashed also. Especially with the lunacy going on with the #presidentcuomo phenomenon, that shit's got to end.

@Anon re: Blaming Trump.

That's right, Cuomo fucked up years ago by doing his annual austerity budget cuts to our hospitals, which he just done again with his recent shitty budget. It still doesn't absolve Trump for his documented complacency, obtuseness, insouciance and incompetence and his current stinginess for shortchanging New York being the current epicenter of the pandemic.

Anonymous said...

I just went driving to the pharmacy the other day and seen 5 cop cars all parked and 6 or 7 cops standing around talking with NO masks on. And they were standing right next to each other. Why were they just parked there for no reason? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

There's no blaming Trump on his response.The blame will lie on China and it's response and deception of lies. where doctors who warned of this virus were detained and their labs sacked for telling false rumors.
The head of Wuhan Hospital emergency unit later died.Instead of quarantining they let everyone fly all over the world to celebrate the New Year.The reports coming from China and the WHO downplayed any serious problem and it seemed in control.
On 1/20 the first case appeared in US and on 1/25 the State Dept.prepared to evacuate US citizens from Wuhan.
on 1/30 WHO was still praising China was it's response and containing virus.On 1/31 Trump closed border with China and quarantined returning citizens.The WHO and China said it was racist and Biden called Trump xenophobe.
The world will come down hard on China and WHO.

Anonymous said...

"Why were they just parked there for no reason? I have no idea."
They were conducting POLICE Business you don't have the right to know !

Anonymous said...

Putin sent and Antonov An-224 packed with some 1.5 million masks, protective gear and respirators for New Yorkers.
People saw this mamouth coming into JFK from Connecticut. Why only 1 small peep on CBS?

Anonymous said...

Thank You Putin !

Anonymous said...

Officer Dolan could cuff me anytime,love the nail color

Anonymous said...

Officer Dolan is a sweetheart !
Looks hot in uniform too.