Friday, April 10, 2020

Studies show coronavirus outbreak in New York is sourced from Europe

NY Post

Two separate studies show that the coronavirus outbreak in the New York City area – by far the most deadly in the US – originated from Europe, not China, according to a report.

Researchers conducting one of the studies have detected seven separate lineages of viruses that have arrived in the New York City area and they expect to find more, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The two studies are being conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the New York University School of Medicine.

Despite examining different examples of the outbreak, researchers from both teams reached largely the same conclusions about its origins, the Times reported.

“The majority is clearly European,”

Travelers likely carrying the virus had already been arriving in New York from Europe before Jan. 31, when President Trump limited entry by foreign nationals who’d been in China and March 11, when the president announced plans to block travelers from most parts of Europe, the Times reported.

On March 19, the newspaper reported that travelers arriving from Europe – where outbreaks in Italy and Spain were severe – were being asked at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport only if they had been to China or Iran, not if they had visited the hardest-hit nations in Europe.

“People were just oblivious,” Dr. Adriana Heguy of the NYU research team told the Times.

I expect the comment thread to be filled with ad hominem excoriation of the Times, but Fox News and the NY Post found reason enough to republish it. Which is why its here. Flame On.


Anonymous said...

Thanks JQLLC,

Let me be clear here.
Nobody has suggested that European tourists, or Americans who traveled to Europe,
did not bring Coronavirus back with them.
I already ceded that much in my last tirade with the anonymous Democrat.

What I am telling everyone reading here is information ahead of the curve, and which is put together from simple evaluation of circumstances, facts, history and logic.

It is statistically impossible, that there were no infected chinese tourists or nationals among the 430,000 individuals who arrived on US shores directly from China just before and even during the outbreak in Wuhan.
In fact, thousands traveled directly from Wuhan to US cities.

we know that the first Italian infections were brought by tourists from China:

We know that the first French infections were brought by tourists from China:

We know that there were already two individual seeding points of the virus in New York, prior to this new study you are posting here.
We had the first diagnosed case of a healthcare worker in Manhattan, who traveled to Iran and came back with it.
We had the case of the man in Westchester who came back from an "undisclosed location" and seeded the infection in that community.

Is your contention now, that the case is settled and the outbreak in NYC is due to people who traveled to and from Europe alone?

Think about that. You really think that there weren't any infected individuals among the thousands upon thousands who traveled here from China right through JFK?
Don't make me laugh.
We have the largest Chinese community in the United States. Of course that was another seeding point, it's just that the scientists haven't found that strand of the disease pattern as yet.
That's what happens when you have a city of 8.5 million living like rabbits under a bush. One person sneezes and everyone on the subway gets it.

Just more food for thought. The scientists are so far behind this crisis, that they didn't even realize that it had already spread through half of the United Kingdom, by the time they started testing.
This is one of the reasons I'm saying it's been here in NYC since January.
Our scientists, just like the UK scientists at Oxford University, will find that this thing was here and spreading throughout the population from MULTIPLE seeding points. Just like in the UK. Just like in mainland Europe. Just like viruses always have.
The study at Oxford estimates that as much as half the population in the UK had it already:

A Good Friday to all, A Happy Easter and Passover to all as well.
Harry Haller

Joe said...

Bullshit, lies and PC correct public relation UPI conducted damage control.
No Europeans in that epicenter shithole 7 train Corona, Elmhurst Flushing corridor rice bowl petri dish.

Those studies are rigged and paid for !!!

Anonymous said...

...more food for thought.

I read some of the new articles on the studies and I've already identified the limitations of the studies for Queens Crap readers.
Again, I'm not disputing the findings from these scientists. What I'm doing is giving more insight and perspective to the information that is far too often filtered through the lens of a Left-Wing media.

the two studies cited have an obvious and disproportionate balance towards Euro-centric individuals due to the sites of testing:
Mount Sinai Hospital on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
NYU hospital on the East side of Manhattan

Think about it: where would most of the individuals tested for Coronavirus in Manhattan be likely to be coming from if they picked it up outside of the US?
We all know that these two Manhattan hospitals are weighted HEAVILY with affluent, white patients. It's just a matter of location. These patients, by simple logic, would most likely have picked up the virus in travel to Europe for a vacation in January or through contacts with fellow affluent White patients who had traveled to Europe.
No wonder these two studies report a likely European origin to the virus!

The real question would be for those of us in Queens;
where did the cases originate from all those patients that crowded Elmhurst Hospital, or NY Hospital Queens on Main Street, or Flushing Hospital?

Do you think all these patient got the virus from the folks in Manhattan.
Not likely.

More likely is what I've been saying; this virus was seeded at multiple times and over multiple weeks.
From China, from Europe, heck even from other routes.

What you should be asking yourself is why the researchers and the liberal newspapers are working overtime to DISCREDIT the idea that the virus was traveling from China.
Could it be they don't want to give DUE CREDIT to the President's Travel Ban from China? Hummmmmm.
By the way, the Mount Sinai study states the following:
"The Mount Sinai study traced the cases in the city and found there is "limited evidence" supporting that the virus was directly introduced there from China, where the coronavirus originated..."

In my book, limited evidence is still evidence.

Wait until they start studying the strains from patients in Queens hospitals, then we'll get the full picture.

Lastly, I'll take credit for stating that the scientists would find that this virus was here and all over the place in January.
You heard it from me here first.
I'll be here to take credit when they find the strains which originated directly in Wuhan, here in our Queens population as well.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Hoaxed !

Anonymous said...

“IF THE LIE IS BIG ENOUGH, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT” this is what is happening right now.

Anonymous said...

Knock knock
Who’s there?
WHO who?
WHO, who works for China !

Anonymous said...

Look at the Picture freaking pigs living there.

Anonymous said...

Wasting government time and money should be called “Schiff Time”

Anonymous said...

Report: China’s Coronavirus Data Off by Millions of Cases

Anonymous said...

The New York Times Headline seems to be written to exonerate the Chinese Government of any responsibility for their lack of action at the beginning of this crisis. That's deplorable.

Angelo said...

The virus is affecting all people. We are all in this together and need to help each other. It doesn't matter what someone's ethnicity is.

The Westchester resident was a major factor in the virus's spread yet people seem to forget that. He took the train from Westchester to Grand Central. He only had to infect one person living in Queens. To blame people for spreading a virus that doesn't show symptoms in many people is absurd considering "you" could have been one of those people.

The house in on fire and people are arguing over who started the fire instead of getting out of the house and putting out the fire.

Jon said...

There is no problem with identifying and tracking how a virus spreads from one country, state, community etc.

But when we start blaming people and more specifically blaming their ethnicity (Chinese) community (Jewish) etc that is wrong and ignorant.

I suspect many people here have European backgrounds and seem all to eager to blame another cultures. "They're dirty"...etc. Sounds like what the Nazis said.

The Chinese community has donated supplies and money to many Queens hospitals in the last month. The Chinese government donated 1000 ventilators to NYC.

We can do better. We need to help each other as human beings.

A Good Friday to all, A Happy Easter and Passover to all as well.
Harry Haller

We have the largest Chinese community in the United States. Of course that was another seeding point, it's just that the scientists haven't found that strand of the disease pattern as yet.

Commies aren’t cool said...

The Chinese government is the source of this virus. Anyone stating differently is doing the work of the communist Chinese government

Jesus said...

All the study says is that the virus lineages acquired from New York indicate they originated from Europe.

It also says there are more lineages being added to the database and analyzed as they get them.

Why some of you people are all up in arms about that is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at how the Democrats on this thread are attempting to turn this into the ol' racism routine again.

I'm wondering where they think I said the Chinese community is to blame exclusively?
Clearly we know this virus came from China...something the Democrats don't want to mention here at all. No they'd rather not talk about blaming Chinese communists; we've all noticed that here.

What I'm arguing, and what others seem to agree with, is that the Democrat-media seems to be VERY interested in painting this entire hysteria on Trump and people traveling from Europe to NYC.
They seem to be VERY willing to swallow the initial report from a group studying patients in affluent White hospitals in Manhattan (Mt. Sinai, NYU-Tisch),
but VERY disinterested in following the logic to ask where the studies are on the strains of virus in the center of the NYC epidemic: Queens.

You guys know Queens don't you? That place that isn't known for affluent, world-class hospitals with a largely White clientele?
Yes, we're simply asking why the studies in NYC are centered in Manhattan and not on Elmhurst Hospital, NY Hospital Queens, Flushing Hospital...all those sites that were bursting with patients that don't spend their holidays in Europe or associate with people who do.

I'll say it again, follow the science and the logic and you get to the truth.

Harry Haller

Resurrected Jesus said...

What does this even mean? The Chinese government made the virus?

The virus muted like virus do.

**Anyone stating opposition to my comment is admitting they are lying, infinite.


Commies aren’t cool said...
The Chinese government is the source of this virus. Anyone stating differently is doing the work of the communist Chinese government

LauraBarrett said...

I agree with Angelo. The house in on fire and people are arguing over who started the fire instead of getting out of the house and putting out the fire.
Are you wearing a mask and gloves when you step out of your home?
Are you removing them when you enter your home?
Are you distancing 6' at all times?
Are you checking in on your neighbors especially the elderly?
Are you in some way helping those who are keeping us safe and healthy?
Are you staying in and going out only if necessary?
Finger pointing won't help but enacting these safety measures will.
We are our brother's keeper even more so during this pandemic.

Anonymous said...

@ LauraBarrett said...
Yes Mom !

Anonymous said...

Guess it was the Chinese who came from Europe to evade US immigration. Italy has the highest population of Chinese in all of Europe.
Let's talk about birth tourism, parachute kids, sex trafficking and chain migration - for every illegal alien they bring in about 19 more.

Anonymous said...

The 64.00 question is if the Corona virus came from Europe where did Europe get it from?

Anonymous said...

“They are 3 types of Liars: Liars, Damned Liars & Statisticians” -Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I think theres more to this "virus" than what they are saying. You're telling me that out of the millions of asians we have living in this country, not ONE of them traveled to China during the months of November, December or January and got this virus? You're telling me that nobody in flushing had traveled there over those months? Come on now. One of the first cases they claimed was a woman in Illinois who had recently went to China and came back and the other one was in Washington. This whole thing makes absolutely no sense to me and there is WAY more to this than what we are hearing.

Anonymous said...

How are the infection rates in Sunset Park Brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

Normal people: It came from Red Land.
SJWs: That’s Raciest.
Normal People: Shut up and go back to the kids table, the grown ups are talking now

Anonymous said...

Isolate China !

Anonymous said...

Trump should apologize to china.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are PANICKING Because Trump Was Right About China, Media Unsurprisingly Comes To Their Defense. Why ?
Long before Trump even campaigned for president he was calling out China over bad trade deals.

Anonymous said...

The Great Bamboozle.

Anonymous said...

Have a nurse friend working in an NYU Hospital COVID ward. All Hassids.
The same groups publicly gathering despite ban on his home street in Crown Heights!
What goes around comes around. Sad!
Cops try to break them up
For their own good. What do they get? Anti Semitic retirsys!