Tuesday, April 14, 2020

10,000 again in corrected tally by the city of coronavirus caused deaths in the five boroughs

NY Daily News

More than 10,000 people have died in New York City due to coronavirus, under a revised count that factors in “probable” cases that were previously excluded from the grim toll, the Health Department revealed Tuesday.

The new count includes 6,589 deaths of people who had tested positive for COVID-19, along with 3,778 individuals whose death certificates listed the virus as their cause of death even though there was no known test for them — making a total of 10,367 deaths as of Monday.

The mayor’s office did not immediately answer a request for comment about the revised numbers, which came as the city has struggled to disseminate vital information about the outbreak.

At a Tuesday morning press conference, Mayor de Blasio said some newly available data suggested potential improvement in the devastating outbreak.

City hospitals admitted 326 patients with suspected coronavirus symptoms on Sunday, down from 383 the day before, de Blasio said.

But there was a slight uptick in people sent to intensive care, and a higher percentage of people tested positive for the dreaded virus — 59.6% of those tested got positive results on Sunday, up from 58.1% on Saturday.

“Every day, we have to win that battle to prove that we can reduce the spread of this virus, get those indicators to go down in unison over a longer period of time,” de Blasio told reporters. “And then we'll be in a position to talk about our next steps.”


Zoë said...

The only thing I can find beneficial of this nation wide disaster is it showed EVERBODY, in full clarity from children to the uninformed everything that is iniquitous with Government, Healthcare, Sanctuary city's and Illegal immigration.

I just wish socialism isn't going to be the fix the way many mayors and governors have been talking.
Example: Now, Its mutiny on the Constitution and President. Blaming the president for NY not being prepared, bums commandeering the subway included..
Add take our knives, guns and kids crayons, force homeowners to take in homeless if Cuomo has his way.

Do I have this right?
Oh shit !


Anonymous said...

Saw that dope deBlasshole on TV this morning. He said the first thing we need to tackle when this is over is equality. He just doesn’t get it.

Anonymous said...

There are many safe ways to open the economy it just needs to be done right. Minimize social contact, keep your distance. And use good hand sanitation and proper hand washing. Most of all use common sense! For example; if you have to go to the market or go in a store where you are going to be around people wear a mask and try to keep a distance. Wear gloves and wipe down your purchases when you get them home. Unfortunately common sense isn't that common.

JQ LLC said...


Realize that it is socialism that's being implemented by all our leaders right now. It's why I think Trump is invoking the DPA so gingerly and not strongly as he claims.

And I'm not saying that to troll crap readers, it's just an observation

@Anon re: deBlasshole

He never got it since he got elected in 2014. Just laugh at him.

Anonymous said...

""first thing we need to tackle when this is over is equality""

Economic, demographic and financial equality are not possible under capitalism.

The mayor is talking about Socialism which is just another word for Communism.
Include confiscation, forfeiture and re-distribution of wealth.
Even confiscate or take part of your home if your a small family not utilizing all your living space.
The bastards are going to use this disaster to ram it all down our throats at gunpoint. Look what the media is pumping into every TV and Radio every 8 minutes "We are all in this together"
Perhaps the Dems, Liberals and Media communist family's are the ones "In it together" buttering the public up for the kill.

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC said:
"Realize that it is socialism that's being implemented by all our leaders right now. It's why I think Trump is invoking the DPA so gingerly and not strongly as he claims."
That's not quite true JQ LLC.
Let's go back to the definition of Socialism:
A system of governance and economics in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are controlled by the collective population.

The Left likes to lay claim to any instance of free-market government largesse as an example of "socialism", when we clearly understand that socialism involves using funds acquired from a collective use of productivity.
It's the reason that true socialism fails; because they find that there is no productivity to be had when human aspiration and free will are taken out of the equation.

In fact, what we have going on now with our federal government is the use of the accumulated wealth of our productive, free-market economy towards the solution of real life problems. In this case an epidemic.
In other words, we are using the money from our own taxes and our accumulated national wealth to fund our recovery.
Furthermore, the money everyone's getting this coming week, directly into their bank accounts, is considered a "tax refund".
Additional funds are being floated by the Federal Reserve for businesses, based on the status of the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency. Try doing what our government is doing with money from Zimbabwe and you'll get the picture.

There would simply be no money for these programs, if we weren't a free-market, capitalist nation. We would be like Venezuela, which has no productivity to speak of, has useless currency and now finds itself at the mercy of external forces like mother nature because socialism doesn't produce capital, it just redistributes wealth left over from previous economic systems (like the USSR fed off the carcass of the old Russian monarchy/upper classes) or from the productivity of a slave-like labor force (what allowed China to rise so rapidly over previous decades).

Simply put; the use of American productivity in an organized manner and under the direction of the US federal government is not a form of socialism, it's the byproduct of a healthy free-market economy.
Social Security is not socialism; it's the byproduct of workers putting taxes into a system set up to pay them back during retirement.
Medicaid is not socialism; it's the byproduct of a healthy and productive nation which produces enough to be able to provide medical coverage for the poor and indigent.

In order for such programs to be correctly labeled as "socialism", they would need to have obtained their funding from the collective ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.
Like if we all worked on apple farms, received no wages and the apples were all sold to another nation and the proceeds used to fund our retirement. That would be socialism. But it simply never works.
Look up the experiences of some of the first colonists to these shores from Europe.
They tried communal (socialism) models of living and nearly starved to death:


William "Harry Haller" Bradford

Anonymous said...

"Just laugh at him." Nothing funy about him that is the Loserthink Ruining NYC !
@Zoe People just don't get it or they protect their fellow Comrades at all cost.
The dangers of Socialism is real and is here right now even on Queens Crap !

Anonymous said...

@JQ LSD "Troll crap readers"
What did you do to Quenns Crap ! It's horrible now...

Anonymous said...

I have 6 uncles and a dad who talk just like Trump. If I listened to de Blasio and the demorats, I would be an orphan.

Anonymous said...

Mainly caused by de Blasio and the uber libs welcoming fascism !

Anonymous said...

They call Trump a king and dictator, but it’s DemoKKKrat governors and de Blasio acting like fascist.

Jon said...

Zoe it was the federal government's job to have widespread testing in the hundreds of thousands up within a week of the first positive case.

There is really no way to stop a disease from spreading if you do not know who has it.
I do not think you realize that the lack of a single healthcare system made it very difficult for this country to coordinate a response.


Add take our knives, guns and kids crayons, force homeowners to take in homeless if Cuomo has his way.

Do I have this right?
Oh shit !


Anonymous said...

Jonny said...
"Zoe it was the federal government's job" "single healthcare system"
Where did you get that information ? CNN....
Wake up Bernie Bro !

Anonymous said...

Who is feeling safe with de Blasio in charge ? Not me !

JQ LLC said...

Thanks William for your contribution here, what's interesting is that establishment Republicans and Joe Biden have been trying to get social security that healthy byproduct of capitalism, privatized for decades.

But you left out one little big thing about Venezuela. They are one of the biggest oil producers in the world.

And I think this nation would be open for business a lot quicker if Trump would authorize the DPA instead of invoking it. Because these donations from corporations and sports teams incremental contributions aren't helping a bit.

JQ LLC said...

@Jon and Zoe

Trump just recently announced/boasted that 3.3 million people in the nation got tested for Coronavirus.

Hey that's another 318 million to go.

Anonymous said...

@JQ LLC said... Can you ever give our POTUS 45 credit for anything ?
If not then, you must have Trump Derangement Syndrome !

Jon said...

No anonymous, I know this because I'm on the front line.
What do you do?

This is what the federal government does when there is a national and international pandemic that crosses state lines.

States do not have the resources secure new tests at high volume. Bigger states and states with more money would take the resources away from the smaller states.

That is why the federal government needs to take ownership and coordinate this.
Otherwise you would have 50 states competing against each other and going in different directions.

I didn't say we needed socialize medicine. I said we do not have a single healthcare system so it makes it difficult to coordinate. There is something false about that statement.

I have to deal with it daily. Maybe instead of trying to prove me wrong you can ask me some questions because I actually have experience in this area and you do not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jonny said...
"Zoe it was the federal government's job" "single healthcare system"
Where did you get that information ? CNN....
Wake up Bernie Bro !

Zoë said...

I been feeling sick, terrible headache that wont quit, nausea, light cough, 100-101 fever, vertigo and pain in all my joints for 5 days.
No testing for me. They asked questions like if your a caretaker or have kids about your household.
I think they then somehow verify what you say with your filed W2 income tax.
It appears if you have No kids they don't give a shit, meaning your expendable.
I was told to self quarantine and to call 911 if an emergency.
My plan is Healthfirst Medicaid after getting laid off both jobs.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: credit

Your worship of Donnie is sufficient enough.

Having said that. The president was right to cut WHO funding. It's a big world and they can get funding from other nations, especially China. If they were any other nation, they would have sanctions placed on them but U.S. and Trump and his daughter are so indebted to them, that's never going to happen.

And if that red nation does come up with a vaccine; to quote Joe Biden "I won't go any further"

JQ LLC said...


I'm sorry for what you're going through and I hope you get well and don't have COVID. The weather has been bad so that might be a factor in your current illness.

It's obscene that tests haven't been mass produced. The only way this truly fades if everyone is examined. It sure isn't going to be mandatory mask laws.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you may have the virus Zoe.

Be certain to follow up with your private doctor regularly.
Some doctors are prescribing antivirals like remdesivir or alternative treatments like the "trump treatment" hydroxychloriquine/Azythromycin.

Flu medications are being recommended, especially the ones that contain fever reducing medicine like acetaminophen and decongestants/expectorants like phenylephrine and guafenesin.

Some doctors are recommending certain supplements like Zinc, Vitamin C and
Vitamin D.



Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy and sunlight for Zinc, Vit.C and Vit. D.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

@Zoe Get better soon !

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC said "The president was right to cut WHO funding" Stop the Press :-D

"U.S. and Trump and his daughter are so indebted to them" Yes JQ that has to change for all of our companies not just POTUS 45 and his family. #MAGA2020

Anonymous said...

No real expertise or leadership here!

Unknown said...

For all you posters who are hating on capitalism: Nordic countries - which you always cite - are capitalist countries with very generous social safety nets paid for by middle class taxes. Yes, look it up. They also don't have a minimum wage.

Our country has been overtaken by crony capitalism, where the government and big business have an incestuous relationship (I'll lower your taxes and pass laws favorable to you and you'll appoint my son to your board for a handsome payout). An even greater problem is that our politicians are doing business with other countries, thereby hurting our national security (e.g., kankles).

This event will be a great culling. Many will suffer. Do yourselves a favor and prepare any way you can. It's survival of the fittest. The games have begun.

Anonymous said...

POTUS 45 our Augustus !
Leading us from the darkness !

Joe said...

Zoe is in North Shore ER on floor with sleeping bag for upper respiratory infection.
Doctors say she likely missed the window for testing positive, but she probably did have COVID-19. My Father in extended care home (for Alzheimer's) died from the virus @ N Shore Manhasset yesterday, mother may have it also now. That from visiting him at the nursing home before lockdown was enacted.
This is FUCKED UP !

From what I understand hospitals have the long swabs and face shields for the tests but have limited supply of some 2nd part component (made in China) that are needed to read results and those results are not accurate anyway.

Anonymous said...

BLOATUS 45.....

Anonymous said...

@ Joe said... My Prays for you and your Family and Zoe !

Anonymous said...

@HH Have you seen Dr Corsi he talks about COVID-19 treatments on Youtube.
You can get the treatment with Tele Med.

The Future of Telemedicine in the Age of Covid-19 with Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD