Sunday, April 5, 2020



On the same day that Governor Andrew Cuomo indicated that New York State was nearing the grim apex of the coronavirus outbreak, New York City reported yet another surge in additional infections and deaths.

Data that the city’s Health Department through 5 p.m. on April 4 indicated that there were now a total of 60,850 infections and 2,254 deaths citywide. That represents an increase of 4,579 cases and 387 deaths over a 24-hour period.

An estimated 12,216 New Yorkers — or 20.9% of all coronavirus patients in the five boroughs — have been hospitalized, according to the city’s Health Department.

One-third of all coronavirus patients come from Queens, which has been the epicenter of New York City’s outbreak almost from the start. As of 5 p.m. April 4, the borough registered 20,371 cases.


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Anonymous said...

The "world's borough"? Say it ain't so! Its vibrant and diverse!

Anonymous said...

Diversity is our Stench !

Anonymous said...

20.9% of patients who TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19 were hospitalized, not 20.9% of people infected with the virus. Unless we test every New Yorker we can't possibly know the true number Therefore, these numbers are meaningless and only serve to fan the flames of hysteria.

Anonymous said...

"Flames of hysteria" Oh you mean AOC and Mayor(Pot Head) Delazio ?
Watching AOC and him kills brain cells and maybe people too.
They where both "Telling" us to go out pushing up the spread of COVID-19, not smart .
All the while telling us how Racist we are for protecting ourselves and our love ones !
Personally I beleive they both should be removed from office NOW !

Anonymous said...

Trump and Cuomo are equally annoying.

One talks to you like he's an idiot and the other talks to you like your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

We spend a tremendous amount of money on social services. The most by far of any nation.

However when you take a look at how this country has slipped in things like medical care and the like you realize the enormous cost that social service is spent on importing the 3rd world to build the Democratic Party's base - and letting all else rot.

A generation or so ago we led or were near the top in every metric. Keep in mind the Guardian is considered a publication on the Left.

Anonymous said...

@Anon"We spend a tremendous amount of money on social services. The most by far of any nation.
Spent on importing the 3rd world"

I agree ! Socialism in an emergency is still socialism.

Plus There is a limit on goods and services that must be given to the Tax Paying Americans first. If we can help others it will come after we help ourselves.

Freaking Krazy what the Far-Left will do to damage our saftey during a pandemic.

AOC Demands Whites Pay Reparations for the Outbreak